Pumpkin has a new book coming out! She can literally be a part of your home. On your coffee table. Crack it open and start your day RIGHT!
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"Sleep, friend. We will continue to play when you are well-rested."
"Drink my weight in this delicious liquid? Challenge accepted."
"Sooo...I'm the size of your head."
"Snacktime? That idea is Ehhhhxcellent."
"Eh, this episode's just okay."
"Sweet, sweet nectar of the dogs."
"What view? I only have eyes for food."
"It's a bird, it's a plane...we live in the Bahamas, who cares."
"Shhh, just keep still and it'll be over soon. JK, I will lick you forever."
"Okay, this is fun but we better not be going to the vet."
"I made you breakfast...but I eated it."
"We were gonna go swimming but then you mentioned treats...."
"Faster, my steed!"
"New band photo, what do you think?"
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UPDATE: Two Dogs Adopt A Lost Little Raccoon And Now They’re Chilling In Paradise

**UPDATE January 25, 2016**

Pumpkin is SO over her Internet fame. At least that’s what she tells the media. Really, it’s just so she can break into the next great industry of opportunity: publishing! She has a new book coming out October 2016 documenting all her silly antics with her two best canine buddies in the Bahamas.

Could it get any better? Add a little Pumpkin to your life by preordering on Amazon!

**Original Story**

Rosie Kemp of Nassau, Bahamas found an injured baby raccoon and nursed her to health with the help of her two pups. Pumpkin the raccoon and Royal Bahamian Potcake rescue dogs Toffee and Oreo are now an inseparable trio. Pumpkin might think she’s a dog, but she definitely still exhibits that raccoon ingenuity and love of shiny things. Oh, and they live in paradise. Jealous yet? Follow their adventures on Instagram at @pumpkintheraccoon!

Featured image via @pumpkintheraccoon

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