Dogs are a huge part of our daily routines and they constantly help us get through the many challenges that we face in our lifetime. They’re our rocks and our best friends, and these photos demonstrate the heartwarming bond that forms between dogs and their humans.
Peek-a-boo is a very special time of trust.
One tiny puppy sits on top of the world as long as he is with his dad.
Ice cream of course is one of the best treats to share together.
Sometimes they need a kiss from you to show you love them too.
Dogs can tell when someone's in need of some special lovins.
Who says dogs can't be in the kitchen?
A snuggle with your mom is like being hugged by a blanket.
A nap with your big brother says we trust each other more than you can imagine.
One hug from Dad takes away this pup's worries.
After a nice dip in the water, soak up the sun with your best bud.
Embrace your trip and stop to smell the air with your best friend.
"Don't worry I got your back!"
"I love you more than you know."
"One kiss from Mom makes me snug as a bug."
"Mom! Not in public."
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15 Photos That Capture Touching Moments Of Dogs Melting Their Human’s Heart

Featured Image: marta.matenko/ Instagram