Classic Paintings Starring Dogs Is The New And Improved Art History

Classic Paintings Starring Dogs Is The New And Improved Art History

For most of us, a dog is a best friend, a family member, and a beautiful work of art. Well, some talented artists took that last part literally and reimagined famous works of art with dogs. You wish Art History class had been this interesting!

1. Pup With A Pearl Earring

pearl earring collage

Sources: Wikipedia & sharayahp/Pinterest

Johannes Vermeer’s oil classic is on the left, but we have a feeling you now prefer the beauty on the right.

2. Van Gogh Self-Puptrait 1887

One of Vincent Van Gogh’s many self-portraits — but this time, recreated with a handsome dog.

pup self portrait collage

Sources: Artic & sharayahp/Pinterest

We assume the piece on the right is also a self-portrait…that the dog painted himself. Pretty impressive stuff, you guys.

3. The Mona Lisa/Bowna Lisa

Six-year-old Maltese-Poodle Bowie loves the outdoors, playing in the dog park, and — of course — posing for renditions of famous works of art. He recently sat for his owner’s sister, painter Rebecca Eichten, and she painted the Bowie version of the Mona Lisa or, more accurately, the Bowna Lisa.

mona lisa
Eichten told BuzzFeed News the reaction has been mixed, in her words it’s “somewhere between creeped out and an uneasy laugh.” She admits, “I think it’s [Bowie’s] coal black eyes. They give you nothing but yet they stare right into your soul.”

just bowna lisa
We can see what she means.

4. Woofler’s Mother

whistlers mother collage

Sources: Wikipedia & sharayahp/Pinterest

From now on, anytime you see James McNeill Whistler’s renowned rendering of his mother, you’ll think fondly of the dog on the right.

5. Rich Aristocrat Pup

rich dog
This lucky dog was painted as the rich, aristocratic version of himself. And we think he looks pretty pleased with the result!

If you know of more classic works of art that have been refashioned improved with dogs, tell us about them in the Comments section below!



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image via Wikipedia & sharayahp/Pinterest