Sometimes all it takes is to be out in the untouched wilderness, or on a lengthy bus ride gazing out the window with Coldplay's "Fix You" playing through your headphones, to get in touch with the real mind-boggling questions in life. You know, the tough ones that make your brain itch. Or that spot behind your ears you can't reach with your foot. Anyway, these dogs thought it was high-time we start gettin' real.
"If this is the world's biggest toilet bowl, should I be drinking or peeing?"
"If I take this stick for a snack, but nobody sees me enjoy it, did I ever really eat the stick?"
"Is there such a thing as true love? I think I feel it."
"Will I make my own decision to eat this feather, or will my instincts make it for me?"
"Do we truly have free will or did I not fart on this tree of my own volition?"
"Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide... no escape from reality."
"Is it better to sneeze on these dandelions and lose them or never to have sneezed on them at all?"
"If I put this butterfly in my mouth right now, did the butterfly ever even exist?"
"Is that the depth of my soul I feel inside me or is it just gas?"
"Excuse me--will life as we know it exist after today? I have a playdate tomorrow."
"How can we be sure we aren't dreaming right now? Like, about bacon."
"Can animals reason? I'll let you know after I decide whether or not to pee on your leg."
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Featured Image via Facebook/Anne Geier