Pups always tend to bring out the best in us, so why not also have them deliver the best news? From surprises to joy to happy times, these dogs are announcing all of it and then some.
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1. This pup announces himself (and his new owner) on social media. How tech savvy!
2. Two humans are tying the knot! Who could deliver this wonderful news any better than their pup?
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3. Sometimes, it's really all about the dogs. This puppy gets welcomed by his new family in the most majestic way possible.
4. Instead of dealing with boring save the date cards, this dog spreads the news with a banner.
5. There's a new baby joining the family! At least one lil doge is happy about it...
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6. Someone is super excited to be a big brother!
7. Using comic book references and pups for a baby announcement? Too cute. After all, every super hero needs a side kick.
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8. Or, this pup, who will have a new baby sister or brother. And so many more toys to steal!
9. Finally, a "baby" announcement we can get behind! Why not announce a new furry family member?
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10. Simple and charming. Look at this genius who used a pup to had a pup proclaim love.
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11. These two cute Spaniels sure know how to give some heartwarming news!
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12. This spunky dog is happy to let everyone know that he's got a new job in town. It includes baby kisses and lots of snuggles.
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13. This adorable duo wants the world to know that there will be another person to blame all of those farts on.
14. Frankly, there's no other way to do an engagement photo. This pup let's us know their love is about to be official and he's given a blessing.
15. What a precious expression! This pup is certainly happy to bark about matrimony. Extra treats included.
16. Again, proof that engagement photos are the best if dogs are involved. This couple has his paw of approval!
17. Let your pup be a part of your wedding story book style.
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18. How gloriously sweet! This dog pops the big question, in a perfect private moment.
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19. How could anyone say no to happy, giant puppy kisses? I didn't think so.
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Darling Dogs Cleverly Announce Family News With Crafty Signs

Featured image via Elizabeth Chase