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Grab some snacks and binge-watch everything. Couch potato-ing is a way of life. Especially with a couch pugtato like this one.
Soak in some vitamin D with a cozy chair and a bowl of water. Oh, and a martini for the dog. Virgin of course.
Hop in bed. Just do it. You can tell yourself it'll only be for a second, but you'll feel fantastic when you wake up 3 hours later next to a still-snoring dog.
Pack up a couple of pals and have a relaxed day out. Don't make plans -- just enjoy being together, no matter how weird you might look.
Go for a car ride and enjoy the feel of the breeze on your face. Just watch out for flying drool.
Banish all technology for a day. Become one with nature (or just hang in your backyard), but give 110% of yourself to your pup.
Curl up with a book and a blanket (aka your dog). It would be easier to use a real blanket, but who cares.
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Indulge. Take a lesson from Fran the Nanny and pile two slices on top of each other. The body doesn't know the difference. Calorie crisis averted!
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The beach cures all your problems (other than getting sand in some dark places). Much sun. Very relax. Big hole-digging opportunities.
Forget life for a few hours and just float your worries away.
Don't worry about what other people think. Smile at strangers if you want. Or don't. Just don't stress about whichever you choose.
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Keep your friends close. Sometimes they're the only ones who can distract you into truly relaxing.
Let others compliment you! Once you learn to accept that you're awesome, you'll have no problems zen-ing out.
Sploot. Wherever you are. Anyone can do it. Instant chill.
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And lastly, whatever you do, don't ever, EVER play the vicious game of Monopoly. It will tear your family apart.
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