15 Dogs Who Can’t Wait For The Game Of Thrones Season Premiere

15 Dogs Who Can’t Wait For The Game Of Thrones Season Premiere

Is Jon Snow alive? What kind of revenge will Cersei seek? Will the White Walkers conquer the Wall? These questions and more will be answered when season 6 of Game of Thrones premieres on Sunday April the 24th. Winter is coming and these dogs are ready.

1. When you have a sword that looks as good as any in Westeros you’re always ready for winter.


2. The White Walkers are no match for the Pugs of the Night’s Watch.

3. Behold Karma Stormborn, of house Dogaryen. She is Pawleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Chaser of Squirrels, the Breaker of Toys, and Mother of Dragons.


4. Winter is coming and if anybody is ready it’s Stanley; the one true King of Schnauzers.


5. Khaleesi and her dragons will not be tamed… unless you have tasty treats.


6. Ody the French Bulldog looks like a true king and is ready for battle at a moment’s notice.


7. Nobody wears a crown quite like Sir Bugsley B, not even Renly Baratheon himself.

8. Say hello to Jon Soba, Lord Commander of The Night’s Watch, and his dire wolf Ghost.


9. The king’s crown is heavy and this puppy is a true prince in training.


10. Remix the dog will now be know as Remix the dire wolf. RAWR!


11. Pierre isn’t keeping the throne warm for anybody else. This Frenchie is ready to play the Game of Bones!


12. Daenerys has never looked this good, and Drogon has never looked this intimidating.


13. There will be a new, young ruler of Westeros in the next season of Game Of Thrones!! They call him Cesar the Golden King.


14. One of these dragons is actually a dog… although good luck guessing which one it is.


15. Stumphrey the Stumpy King of the North wants to let you know…. Winter is coming.


Game of Thrones premieres Sunday night on HBO.