17 Times Dogs Were The True Winners Of Super Bowl 2015

17 Times Dogs Were The True Winners Of Super Bowl 2015

Sure there were Seahawks and Patriots. There were even dancing sharks and a huge shiny lion. But who were the real winners of the Super Bowl?



Here are 17 times pups were the true winners of Super Bowl 2015 (and they didn’t have to deflate any balls to do it…)

1. When the Skittles commercial came on and we saw this buff pup…

…and immediately felt the need to go to the gym.

3. The Pats scored, and we were able to share this again:

4. Then Marshawn Lynch got a touchdown, and we re-discovered this other beauty.

5. Then there were a couple commercials without dogs, so we skipped over to the Puppy Bowl where Falcor was kicking some major fluffbutt, with FOUR TOUCHDOWNS.


via Giphy

via Giphy

6. So we don’t really get why Cara was named MVP, but whatever, everyone’s a winner, right?

7. When we got back to the Super Bowl, we sniggered when we saw this pop up on our feed, mostly cuz of the pup. We had to Google to figure out who Pete Carroll was…

8. And then were brought to tears by the Budweiser Puppy commercial. AGAIN.

And again.

And again.

9. Of course, then things got REALLY dark with with the Nationwide commercial:

10. And we couldn’t handle it, so we Photoshopped Katy Perry next to a poodle and felt better.

11. Once the half-time show happened, we were all like:

via Giphy

via Giphy

Especially when Missy came on. So then we made a gif to sum up the entire half-time show:


13. There were a couple of other commercials starring doges. And they were weird.


via Mophie

via Mophie

Though this one was just plain funny, and arguably the best ad this year (and it wasn’t even on the TV!).

14. And we snickered when GoDaddy’s replacement commercial came on.

Because we all still remember what they WANTED to go with:

Which led to the Internet going all Corgi Death star on them:

via Giphy

via Giphy

15. It was a close game, and we were on the edge of our seats, much like Crusoe:

16. Finally, the Pats won. It was over. Another year, another Bowl and it was all over.

17. Oh well. At least we always have this till next year:

Featured Image via @Budweiser