Blimey! 12 Dogs That Look Like British Celebs

Blimey! 12 Dogs That Look Like British Celebs

They say dogs look like their owners, but we think these canines look more like celebrities. Check out these 12 British celebrity doppelgänger dogs.

1. Katie Price – from glamazon to glamourdog

dogceleblookalikes1Images via Santa Banta/Jokeroo

2. Keith Lemon…just like looking in the mirror

dogceleblookalikes5Images via Pic Photos/Buzz Feed

3. Johnny Rotten: never mind the bulldogs

dogcelebsImages via Art Desk/Telegraph

4. Gordon Ramsay vs. a shar pei

dogceleblookalikes6Image via Mirror

5. Mrs Bucket…it’s pronounced BOUQUET!

dogcelebs3Images via U Switch/UT San Diego

6. This Richard Branson look-a-like just blew our mind

dogcelebs6Image via Bored Panda

7. Ziggy Stardust (oh come on now!)

dogcelebs4Images via The Times/Flickr

8. David Cameron – going to the dogs?

Image via Daily Mail

9. Who wore the beard better? This schnauzer or Pierce Brosnan?

dogcelebs5Images via Beard Coach/AJC

10. Robert Smith said it best: pups don’t cry

dogcelebs2Images via Vulture/Pinterest

11. Do you think I’m sexy, Rod Stewart?

dogcelebs7Images via Daily Mail/Daily Mail

12. If Mr Bean had a dog…

dogceleblookalikes3Images via Wikia/Imgur