18 Hot Weather Activities That Will Make Your Dog Crazy For Summer

18 Hot Weather Activities That Will Make Your Dog Crazy For Summer

Summer’s here, and you know what that means — beach trips, swimming, surfing, pool parties, ice cream, BBQ’s, the whole shebang! The best part of it all? Sharing all these moments with your bestest friend! Here are 18 ways dogs can make the most of the summer and have the time of their furry lives!

1. Pool pawties with your best buddies!

2. Practicing your doggy paddle.

3. Showing off your bikini bod in a brand new bikini.

4. Mmm . . . watermelon!

5. Catching the waves!

6. Beating the heat in unconventional ways.

7. Catching a ferry ride on your best friend’s back.

8. Chillin’ in a pool all day.

9. Wearing the fanciest eyewear so the haters can’t see you.

10. Speeding down the river on your boat.

11. Eating your weight in deliciously smooth ice cream.

12. Breaking out the kiddie pool.

13. Cannonballing like a boss.

14. Pool surfin’.

15. Heading to the water park to get dunked on.

16. Rockin’ your water wings while you splash the day away.

17. Cooling down with refreshing popsicles.

18. Slipping and sliding past all the kids on the playground.

How do you pass the dog days of summer with your bestie? Do you go camping under the stars together? Exploring new cities to look for dog-friendly haunts? Or is your pup more into boarding a fancy yacht and sailing the seven pees seas? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image via @theadventuresofoliver/Instagram