Another burger success story.
Sure the view is swell, but what's under that grill hood?
This seat is just a little too convenient, don't you think?
Sometimes it's all about waiting for your window.
Sure, this dude looks casual, but don't underestimate his burger stealing gaze.
Good thinking, hoomans... put this one right in the line of fire.
Sure, this little puppy swears it's all about the holiday and not the BBQ.
Another burger success story.
This guys ready to bask in all the umami burger goodness.
He calls himself the security detail, but we all know what's up.
These guys are not subtle.
Yeah... this is all just a coincidence.
Burgerdog wills real burgers into existence.
Subliminal messaging works!
This is not just a photo bomb.
Yeah, this grill is empty because somebody was faster than you.
This bandit has BBQ thief written all over him.
Watch your plate, hooman!
No matter how sleepy, this dog keeps BBQ in his sights.
Sure, hooman. I'll beg for now, but turn your back and it's all mine.
Three hot dogs for one hot dog, please.
This dude snoozes on the meat cooler until someone with thumbs gives him a window.
Don't be fooled by the lack of eye contact, my friend.
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22 Dogs Who Will Steal Your BBQ If You’re Not Careful

Memorial Day weekend is officially upon us. For hoomans everywhere, this holiday marks the beginning of BBQ season. As you dust off the grills, pull out the coolers, and douse your body in bug spray, let’s not forget about our adorable, four-legged pals. Dogs everywhere are also rejoicing because nothing gets their motors running more than throngs of distracted hoomans and the sweet smell of meat grilling on the BBQ. It’s the perfect opportunity for attention and nabbing burgers and hot dogs when nobody’s looking. As a reminder, here are 22 burger-loving dogs that will definitely steal your BBQ if you’re not careful. Stay vigilant, folks!