16 Dogs Lazing About While You Shovel Out From Blizzard Jonas

16 Dogs Lazing About While You Shovel Out From Blizzard Jonas

It’s winter and it’s cold outside (or getting there)! What better time than the present to catch up on some reading and laze about on the couch. Or laze about on the couch PRETENDING to read so you look all smart and shiz. Not to be left out, these “literate” pups are “jumping” in on the joy of reading!

1.”If I’ve read this book to the kid once, I’ve read it a million times!”

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2.”Just one more chapter…”


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4.”Of course there’s an entire book about cat crimes. They can’t be trusted.”

5. “The New Yorker?! I thought you said this was The New BARKER!”

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6. “Have a seat. Let’s talk current events.”

7. “Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was an endless supply of tennis ballsĀ and bacon. A girl can dream.”

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8. “Just staying ahead of the trends and reading about spring furshion.”

9. “I thought The Bone Season was going to have actual bones in it. Big letdown.”

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10. “It’s story time. I’ll read. You listen.”

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11. “50 Shades of Grey” is about THIS?! I thought it was about how dogs perceive color!”

12. “Aghhhhh! I’ve read them ALL!”

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13. “A little tea to go with my afternoon reading, please?”

14. “A chapter called ‘The Boy Problem?’ I can tell you a thing or two about boy problems.”

15. “Jump to the comics section, Dad!”

“Nope, I did not pee on the inside of this magazine. Nope, you cannot have it to see.”

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