11 Doodles Who Will Infuse New Vigor Into Your Fitness Goals For 2016

11 Doodles Who Will Infuse New Vigor Into Your Fitness Goals For 2016

Three cheers for Samson the Dood, who has inspired doodles everywhere to get fit in 2016. What better way to start the new year than with a renewed commitment to wellness and adorable workout-wear?

Let’s take a look at the motivational hashtag #doodsgetfit to encourage us humans to pay a visit to the treadmill every once in a while!

1. Does seeing yourself in the mirror make you want to look away? Pick up some weights, guys!

2. You don’t have to like it but you have to do it. Exercise does a body good!

3. Think you have to throw your hair in a pony to work out? No way, girlfriend! Accessorize!

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4. It’s fitness as in “physical fitness,” NOT as in “fit’ness whole burrito into my mouth.”

5. Downward dog isn’t JUST for dogs, ya know.

6. Did you go a little overboard on “cheat day?” Work it off with a cardio pawty!

7. Eat a salad…NOT the exercise equipment!

8. There will be days you’ll want to forget about morning yoga and namaste in bed! That should be the exception and not the norm, though. Up and at ’em!

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9. Routine: Look cute, 1 rep, 4 days a week.

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10. We all know that after a long day at work, exercise is a struggle. Get dressed…not into bed.

11. Run because you want to…not because someone is chasing you!

12. When in doubt, work it out!

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