15 Back-To-School Essentials For Doxie Lovers

15 Back-To-School Essentials For Doxie Lovers

You have had all summer with your beloved dachshund. It’s finally almost time for back-to-school and you are trying to accept that your Doxie is not allowed to go with you. Fear not, you can doxify your back-to-school supplies and dorm room.

1. Dachshund Notebook, $14.55

Face it, no one likes doing homework or taking notes in class, but all seems a little brighter with a dachshund notebook.  Disclaimer: we are not responsible if this notebook becomes filled with doodles and not oodles of important class notes.


2.  Dachshund Bookend Set, $30.20

These sturdy wiener dog book ends will work hard to hold your horribly thick (and massively expensive) text books up. Thankfully these puppies are quite heavy so you can rest assured knowing that your wiener envying neighbors won’t swipe them.


3.  Dachshund Backpack, $35.00

Are you thinking doggie backpacks are just for kids? Well, think again. This adorable ween backpack is for the cool kids. Rock it with Doxie-like attitude and confidence and you are sure to be a hit.


4.  Doxie Pen Holder $27.95

For those of you who still use pen and paper…we think there are few out there…keep your desk with a dachshund desk organizer.


5.  Note Organizer, $12

Are you and your roommate on different schedules…or maybe you avoid being in the room when she’s there, because really, let’s face it she’s jealous of your dachshund love. Keep the lines of communication open by leaving messages for each other in a ween note organizer. You should probably add a little smiley face to your notes since she is alone in the room with your wienerful decor.


6. Dachshund Pin , $8.00

Tired of the boring old uniforms for school. You can grab this adorable pin to spice up your jacket, hat, or shirt.


7.   Wiener Dog Watch, $47.25

Got a kid that hates school? A clock watcher? The least you can do is give them a pretty doxified watch to gaze at before they are assigned detention for not paying attention.


8.  Lunch box , $42.95

Jazz up lunch time…do kids know the phrase jazz up? Probably not, but either way they will dig carrying a Doxie lunch bag. Ugh, I did it again. I’m guessing kids nowadays don’t “dig” anything but dirt and probably not many do that. Okay, back on topic. This Doxie lunch bag rocks the spot! Enough said.

dachshund_gifts_yubo_lunch_box-rc113bb8757824e0488d826d589118d32_i0x17_8byvr_5129.  Pillow cases, $37.90

Missing your ween? Snuggle extra close with the next best thing, a dachshund pillow. Note: this pillow is not loaded with the wonderful aroma of Doxie frito feet that we know you secretly (or not so secretly) love to inhale each night.

Navy_blue_dachshud_pillows_1024x102410.  Dachshund Pen, $4.95

Who isn’t always losing there pen. It seems to always disappear or taken. With these doxie pens your pen will stand out and always be with you.

0002257_45011.  Chalkboard , $45.00

Doesn’t everyone need a dachshund chalk board to write math problems and todo lists on? You can’t go wrong with this adorable chalkboard.

chalk-board-600x60012.  Doxie Crayons , $39.95

Lets be honest everyone loves coloring at school. Who wouldn’t want to the cool kid in class with these adorable crayons.

il_570xN.362105842_6waf13.  Dachshund Ruler, £8.00

We all know that dachshunds rule and cats drool. Now you can show that dachshund’s rule with a Doxie ruler.

brown-dachshund-ruler14. Laundry Bag , $24.99

Laundry day sucks for you and all the other college kids. Go on, put on your last pair of clean big girl panties and tote your dirty duds in a cheeky Dirty Doxie laundry bag down to the laundry room.

laundry_bag_1024x102415.  Dachshund Macbook Sticker , $6.99

Going to class? You can bring your macbook and think about you sweet dachshund too.