I honestly didn’t think I could look at this many pictures of dachshunds in costumes without having a stroke. Proudly, I made it out alive. Still, you should probably sit down for this.
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THIS TURKEY SAUSAGE RIGHT HERE. (I know Thanksgiving is after Halloween but I simply couldn't resist)
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ASTROweenie where are you off to? Planet CUTE? Huh?!
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This takes me back to sex ed where we also pretended bananas were wieners. Did it it get awkward in here? Sorry about that.
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I have NO idea what this is but IT'S A DOXIE IN A BONNET. #PrarieSwag
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I promised there would be no hot dogs. But I didn't say anything about condiments. You should always put a condiment on your wiener. I'd say no pun intended but we all know I did that on purpose. MOVING ON.
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I'm sorry but do any of the colors of the rainbow even exist anymore now that there is a CRAYOWEENIE? NO. The correct answer is no. This color is the best.
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I know this is supposed to be "I Dream Of Jeannie" but come on guys, weenie dreams? Lolz. Sorry. I'm an adult I promise.
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Did someone order a lobster with an extra side of CUTE?!
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Ok so I think what we learned here is: The animal with the shortest stumpiest legs + the animal with the longest, leanest legs=HILARIOUS.
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When your hat is twice as tall as your entire body...
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This is ARRRRRGHdorable. (Get it? Cause pirates say "Arrrgh"?)
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ERMAGERD IT'S A DINOWEENIE. I mean they ALREADY have raptor arms so this is just pawfection.
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"Sorry I made you late for school I have very short legs & sometimes it takes me longer to get places." (Ok I'm 4'11 so this picture is basically just my life)
"It's not the size of the ship, it's the motion in the ocean."
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If only all wieners could be this super. I mean, what?
THIS is how you pumpkin. Love a weenie with a nice whip.
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A UNICORN WEENIE? I've never done acid but I would imagine this is what my version of an acid trip would be. Just a series of unicorn dogs.
Perhaps the cutest pawfficer law enforcement has ever seen.
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