37 Drunk Dogs Who Can’t Handle Their Dog Beer

37 Drunk Dogs Who Can’t Handle Their Dog Beer

Beer. That delicious savory beverage that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Since beer is so scrumptious, we humans tend to consume as much as possible as fast as possible. For our pups, the same goes for the non-alcoholic dog beer, Bowser Beer.

Now because every great beer needs a delicious partner, we’ve decided to sell a tasty combo of Beefy Brown Ale and Puptato chips to enhance the whole tastebud experience. Gift this pair of savory treats to a pup in your life and give them an afternoon of fun and relaxation.


37. This Husky’s night with Bowser Beer started well…

Courtney Chantel T

From Chantal T.

36.  This pup had one sip and knew her night was going to be awesome.

christie r a beer for me

From Christie R.

35. Bailey enjoyed the Bowser Beer, maybe a little too much.

ceara a Bailey enjoying Bowser Beer... maybe a little too much

From Ceara A.

34. BamBam celebrated Canada Day with his Bowser Beer. (He might’ve snacked a few hamburgers as well.)

caroline c Happy belated Canada Day from BamBam! He spent his weekend by the lake drinking his Bowser Beer and snacking on his hamburgers

From Caroline C.

33. Philly celebrated his 3rd (*ahem* 21st) birthday with a Bowser Beer.

ashton s Happy 3rd Birthday (aka 21) to Philly

From Ashton S.

32. Colby couldn’t resist pairing the Bowser Beer and Puptato chips.

AshleyS Colby

From Ashley S.

31. Rude Dog enquired if any ladies wanted to grab a beer with him. (Like anyone could resist that beard.)

Any of you ladies want to grab a Bowser Beer with the Rude Dog

From Rude Dog

30. There was no getting around it… Simon was totally sloshed.

annaY simon

From Anna Y.

29.This Dachshund is wondering whether anyone will ever find where he just went to the bathroom.

angeline j

From Angeline J.

28. Dyson is pleased at the night he has ahead of him with Bowser Beer.

andreaM Dyson

From Andrea M.

27. This Lab says, “It tastes so good when it hits my lips!”

ana m It taste so good when it hits my lips

From Ana M.

26. Amber kicked back with a Bowser Beer to watch “Hotel for Dogs”.

25.This pup thinks the sun feels especially strong today.

gabriela g hangover

From Gabriela G.

24. Woodson says, “I feel dizzy, mannnn!”

woodson from Sara G
23. This pup is a total lightweight. One beer and already snoozin’.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 3.28.45 PM

From Hmbebout

22. Would you believe this pup was a total frat star back in the day?

megan p

From Megan P.

21. This Frenchie has a special relationship with Bowser Beer…

Spin the what? I ain't kissing him!!
20. Duke’s small stature ensured that he got a bit tipsy faster than the other dogs.

shawn m Duke was a little tipsy from his tasty treat

From Shawn M.

19. This fella says, “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do I prefer that Beefy Brown Ale.”

rachael r I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer that Beefy Brown Ale

From Rachael R.

18. Rocky has a feeling he’ll regret this tomorrow.

lorenA rocky

From Loren A.

17. Lil’ Cali had such a good night the first time he drank a Bowser Beer that he had to get another.

lil cali

From Lil’ Cali

16. This pup is thinking that maybe the warm smelly gift that she left on the cat’s bed wasn’t such a good idea.

leah g

From Leah G.

15. Charlie came to the conclusion that he definitely had too much Bowser Beer.

leah g charlie had too much bowser beer

From Leah G.

14. Same goes for this Rottie.

kristinm someonedranktoomuch

From Kristin M.

13. Bookie celebrated his 10th birthday with a cold one.

kristin H Bookie celebrating his 10th birthday with a bottle of

From Kristin H.

12. Charlie originally thought chugging all of the beer and eating all the chips was a good idea…

kelsey c charlie

From Kelsey S.

11. This Golden contemplates decisions from the night before…

Kel Foehrkolb V

From Kel F.

10. Murphy needed a little liquid courage to tolerate the pool.

karynM Murphy needed a little liquid courage to tolerate the pool this weekend

From Karyn M.

9. Jasmine definitely enjoyed her beer too much.

jorge S Jasmine might have enjoyed her doggie beer just a LITTLE too much

From Jorge S.

8. This pup found that after drinking a Bowser Beer, it doubles as a chew toy and a pillow.

Jessica B I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I also use it as a chew toy and a pillow

From Jessica B.

7. This pup says, “Just watching the game and enjoying some Bowser Beer. Go Hawks!”

jennifer h watching hte game and enjoying some bowser beer go hawks

From Jennifer H.

6. We suspect a bit of underage drinking here…


5. Anya needs to sober up before she can enjoy the rest of her BarkBox.

anya Kara s

From Kara S.

4. Cho’Gath was really glad he took his shoes off before passing out.

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 5.37.39 PM

From Paying L.

3. This gal feels very happy and warm inside.

Petunia P This BarkBox was intoxicating. Literally.

From Petunia P.

2. This pup says, “Nothing to see here.”

nothingtoseehere from blackbiirrd

From blackbiirrd.

1. And this fella says, “Spin the whaattt? I ain’t kissing him!”

Karen S Spin the what? I ain't kissing him!!

From Karen S.

And if you’d like to throw a pup party, check out our party pack of Bowser Beer and Puptato chips!