Dog Parents Are Now Expressing Their Puppy Love With Cheeky Emoji Dog Toys

Dog Parents Are Now Expressing Their Puppy Love With Cheeky Emoji Dog Toys

It’s 2016, and emojis have replaced words.

emoji only texting

Okay, so maybe words are still used for important things like résumés and shop signs, but the Order of the Emoji has infiltrated all parts of our lives, whether we were ready for it or not. Even my mother, who is an elementary literacy teacher and who will absolutely correct your grammar and spelling without you wanting asking her to, will often respond to my frequent “Mommy I miss you” Whatsapp messages with a tiny thumbs up emoji. 😐

And because my sincerest (and incredibly laughable) efforts to not become my mother have backfired tremendously in my journey through dog parenthood, I must now share the emoji ruv with my child dog. You guys, I’m obsessed with emoji dog toys. How better to express my love for my dog than by showering her with squeaky gifts that help me pretend she’s communicating with me like a true millennial?

poop dog toy

Here are 12 emoji dog toys pups and humans alike will enjoy having around the house.

1. Heart Eye Emoji Dog Toy, $9-10

heart eye emoji dog toy

You know that feeling when you get home after a sh*t day and your pup comes barreling down the hallway to express just how much you were missed? The Heart Eye plush is the dog toy equivalent of your face when you see your dog after a day of dealing with the rest of the world. It even has a large squeaky inside in case you want to communicate “I frickin’ love you” to your dog in squeaky Morse code.

2. Pizza Plush, $8-12

pizza plush dog toy

I’d love to have a pizza date with my dog on a Friday night, but I don’t enjoy having to clean up poop rockets, so all I’ve got is this Pizza Plush instead. You can get one slice or all eight to create a pie if you’re rollin’ in dough like that. If my hungry hungry hippo of a dog could use one emoji, it’d be the pizza emoji, for sure.

texts from dog hungry

3. Brownie The Happy Poo Dog Toy, $12

poop emoji toy

Ah, the poop emoji. A symbol understood worldwide. 2nd on your pup’s list of most-used emojis if he had a phone. If your dog is keen on swiping a few cat poopies from the litter box or even indulging in their own waste from time to time, you’ll LOL so hard every time you catch your dog happily chomping on this huge pile of crinkly, squeaky #2. Unlike the real thing, this cellophane-stuffed toy is safe to munch on and will delight your pup with its subtle squeak.

4. Eggplant, $9

Listen, I’m not one to judge those using veggie emojis to send unsavory texts to their friends, but I WILL laugh my butt off if a dog comes up to me with an eggplant plush toy in its mouth. This eggplant plush dog toy is made of recycled materials, which honestly makes me feel better about giving my dog a leg up in her flirting game the next time she has a #MuttflixAndChill date. If eggplant isn’t your thing, BarkShop also carries a corn plush toy that’s just as hilarious.

5. Squeaky Heart Toy, $9

heart plush toy

If you’re the kind of dog person who forces your love onto all dogs all the time (shout out to my fellow dog stalkers), this Squeaky Heart Toy allows you to further ply your dog with overwhelming ruv in the form of a squeaky plush. And yes, your dog totally knows you love him. ♥

6. Hashtag, $12-20


If your dog managed their own social media accounts, their favorite hashtags would probably look like this:

  • #EndBreedism (or #YesAllDogs)
  • #MuttflixAndChill
  • #GrowingUpWithHumans
  • #IAtePoopBecause
  • #ThingsHumansDo


But since paws and touchscreens don’t mix, this Hashtag Dog Toy gives your dog the power to make a statement in less than 140 characters. And it comes in three sizes, so all dogs, big and small, can cuddle and take selfies with it.

7. Pineapple, $10

pineapple dog toy

Can someone tell me what the pineapple emoji is supposed to stand for? Because aside from Spongebob Squarepants lyrics and sneaky weed references, this delicious fruit only makes its way into my texts when I’m talking about going on a tropical vacation or having a piña colada. Either way, this stuffing-free squeaker is sturdy and will delight any pupper.

8. The Pan-demonium Plushie, $10

pan-demonium dog toy

This bacon and eggs on a skillet combines the very best things you can give the BAE (Bacon and Eggs) in your life. Inspired by the fried eggs emoji, the bottom of this “cast-iron” skillet is a whole disc-shaped squeaker designed to give your dog the joy a plate of actual breakfast will give you.

9. Anchors Aweigh Rubber Dog Toy, $15

anchors aweigh rubber dog toy

What’s a more fitting toy to gift the pup who always holds you down than a symbol for steadfastness? This rubber toy is sleek, bouyant, and strong enough to withstand the jaws of the pupper you adore. ⚓

10. Watermelon, $8

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 4.37.38 PM

Watermelon has gone from being nature’s candy to being the emoji you send to someone who’s thirsty af. And let’s not even get into how Beyoncé changed watermelon for all of us with her reference to the deliciously refreshing fruit in her 2013 anthem “Drunk In Love”. Now you can have it in dog plushy form with this squeaky slice your pup can dig into without worrying about swallowing seeds.

11. Pawpcorn, $10


You know that feeling when the FB comments get ugly and you’re just sitting there thinking, “Oh damn, I should’ve popped some popcorn for this showdown”? The popcorn emoji is perfect for when you’re suddenly faced with some online drama, and this plushy version looks preeeeetty similar. The best part? No corny messes.

12. Emoji Toy Bundle, $30-36

emoji toys ft

Texting is hard for dogs, but making your pup happy shouldn’t be. The Emoji Toy Bundle combines our fave emoji toys in a cute starter pack bundle for your dog’s collection. You won’t need 140 characters to tell your pup you love him once he gets his paws on these emojis.

For more emoji dog toys to help you and your pup express yourselves, check out BarkShop’s new emoji toy collection!

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