EXPLORERS WANTED! May Unboxing Contest

EXPLORERS WANTED! May Unboxing Contest

A HORRIBLE curse has fallen upon us here in the BarkBox office, after one of our office pups peed on a very persnickety dog-mummy king (He was a Pharaoh’s pup, making him a Fur-aoh!). The very historical, very authentic, very fun Ancient Egyptian dog toys that we discovered on our last Cairo expedition have DISAPPEARED! *gasp*
We think they were magically sent to all of you!

How can you help?
We need you to film your dog excitedly opening the BarkBox and showing us all of the precious artifacts so we can document them!

Show us which of the majestic Furaoh’s treasures you were sent, and you could win a FREE YEAR OF BARKBOX.
So put on your head-to-toe explorer khaki, grab your pup and a camera, and HELP US BREAK THIS CURSE!

-Leave no artifact unturned!
-The more excitement the better!
-Always share your findings with your team (Your dog!)
-Make sure your video is clear and well-lit so we can properly document your findings
-When you’re ready, email your video between May 14th and May 29th to our studious team of barkeologists at [email protected]
-Be sure to email us your BarkBox shipping address so we can locate your account!
-Have fun!

ONWARD, explorers! And now, the rules. 

NoPurchNec.US or CA res. Ends 5/29. By entering, you agree to Rules & License (to use video).