12 Dogs of Instagram We Wish Were More Famous Than the Kardashians

12 Dogs of Instagram We Wish Were More Famous Than the Kardashians

There’s no doubt about it: there are a lot of adorable dogs on Instagram. Big dogs, small dogs, wrinkly dogs, fluffy dogs – they’re everywhere, but for some reason, not one has  ever achieved true celebrity status. Even so, we can think of a dozen – or more! – Instagram-posting pups we wish were more famous than the Kardashians (or whoever the “celeb of the week” happens to be). After MUCH deliberation, these are a few of our favs.

1. Milo Meets World
Milo, aka @milomeetsworld, is an itty bitty Maltese living in Toronto. There’s just something about his poufy head of fur and teensy button nose that can melt even the coldest of hearts. And if the photos aren’t enough for you, you can find Milo on YouTube! Good luck with being productive now instead of watching his adorable videos, over and over and over….

“Milo asks when winter will finally be over… he just wants to play outside… #endwinternow”
P.S. We couldn’t agree more with you, Milo.

2. Ginny’s World
Ginny is a super sassy Jack Russell Terrier living in the UK. It doesn’t matter if Ginny’s sticking her tongue out at the camera, frolicking in mud puddles, or demanding that her human make her a “bacontini,” she never ceases to entertain her almost 300k followers. Check out @ginny_jrt, and get ready to be transported into the wonderful world of Ginny.

‘”Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the snazziest and most stylish of them all? Actually I don’t know why I asked that question, in these glasses and with this bow tie on it’s obviously me!’ — Yup, Ginny’s as vain as ever.”

3. Menswear Dog
Looking for a bit of sophistication? Look no further than well mannered, forever poised Menswear Dog. This gentleman – ahem, Shiba Inu, lives in NYC and has a “penchant for all things style.” Seriously. This guy knows how to rock everything from a striped tie to a cozy cable knit sweater without looking even the slight bit ridiculous.

Top Dog #mensweardog #menswear #dog #shiba #military #army @USA_Authentic

A post shared by Menswear Dog (@mensweardog) on

“Top Dog #mensweardog #menswear #shiba#military.”

4. Rambo The Puppy
Rambo, a Maltese-Yorkie mix, originally found his claim to fame on Facebook, but we’re loving his Instagram page just as much! Between posting about his undying passion for bacon treats, sharing pics of his sparkly Mardi Gras attire, or just being dang cute, there’s NO RESISTING Rambo’s goofy little grin and happy-go-lucky demeanor.

“What are you laughing at? I think I look fabulous! #staticelectricity.”

5. Yogurt the Pirate Dog
Yes, we have posted about Yogurt the Pirate Dog *many* times in the past, but we CAN’T STOP BECAUSE SHE’S JUST SO DARN CUTE. And derpy. SO DERPY. If you’re not following Pirate, you should be, and if you don’t want to, well, we’re seriously judging your life choices right now (kidding, of course…sort of).


“Apple head.”

6. Lucielle, aka @lucyfarted
We couldn’t think of a better username for Lucielle, the gloriously grumpy-looking bulldog known as @lucyfarted. Good luck NOT falling in love with her goofy under bite, unapologetic demeanor, and slightly-grumpy outlook on life. Lucielle doesn’t sugarcoat it – and we love her for it.

Lucy farted … Again

A post shared by Lucielle Bull (@lucyfarted) on

“Lucy farted … Again”

7. Biggie Griffon, aka #MrStealYoGirl
Biggie Griffon is the big (not really), bad, “Notorious D.O.G” of the IG. Biggie frequently posts rap lyrics in his photo captions, changing a few choice words to reflect the life of a notorious D.O.G. Between his grumpy little face and hard-core outlook on life, there’s no doubt that he’s one of the most unique pups on Instagram.

8. Otter the Pitbull

This is the cutest, snaggle-toothiest, most stylish pitbull we’ve seen on Instagram to date! Meet Otter, a major goofball who isn’t afraid to flaunt his saggy jowels or model hip winter outerwear for the camera. Get one look at his big expressive eyes, and you will fall in LOVE – PROMISE.

“Oh, you know. Just my usual derp face with glasses. Le sigh.”

9. Blind Dog Jack

Jack is a blind Pomeranian who was rescued from a puppy mill and now lives a happy life in Chicago. Even though he’s 100% blind, Jack always manages to smile for the camera, which, unless you have a heart of stone, will make you smile right back. 🙂

“I like being moral support for Bebe Belle during her hydrotherapy. Sometimes I get snuck some treats!”

10. Beta the French Bulldog
Check out @dearbeta’s Instagram page, and you’ll be treated to a peek into the life of Beta, a highly expressive and extremely lazy French bulldog. Beta has a knack for finding the perfect sliver of sunlight for her daily naps, looking adorable in her sleep (which is pretty much 90% of the time), and basically being the laziest, cutest Frenchie we’ve ever seen.


A post shared by dearbeta (@dearbeta) on

“Meh.” Well said, Beta, well said.

11. Pino the Toy Poodle
Meet Pino, a fluffy toy poodle who has an affinity for dressing up in goofy outfits. Pino has donned everything from a sailor costume, a very fetching “business dog” tie (with matching serious expression), and even a traditional Mexican poncho. ¡Olè!


“Pino dose facial yoga exercises for anti-aging.”

12. Corgnelius the Corgi
And what would a post on our blog be without a mention of an adorably stumpy Corgi and his trusty sidekick? Behold, Corgnelius and Stumphrey, two big-eared, fuzzy-bottomed Corgis living in L.A.! If the thought of two corgis bff-ing around doesn’t do it for ya’, I’ve got three words for you: FLUFFY DOG BOTTOMS. You’re welcome, world. You’re welcome.

Look at these nerds.

A post shared by Corgnelius & Stumphrey (@corgnelius) on

“Look at these nerds.”

We are lookin’. And we can’t stop lovin’.


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