This Collection Is The Classy Touch Every Dog Lover’s Home Needs

This Collection Is The Classy Touch Every Dog Lover’s Home Needs

When I first found (read: fell in love with) Fenella Smith, I had to restrain myself from smashing every bowl, plate, and mug I own and filling my cupboards with her adorable yet chic housewares. The pieces are beautifully crafted with playful styling — and it doesn’t hurt that the large majority are emblazoned with (wo)man’s best friend!

Fenella Smith Spaniel Food Bowl

Fenella has two dogs, a Lab/Collie mix named Bramble and a Border Collie named Fox, who provide invaluable inspiration and humor throughout her creative process.


“My brothers and I had a wonderfully free and adventure filled childhood in the country. The memories I have of our various expeditions and mishaps have greatly inspired my collections.”

And the adventure continues! Fenella’s brother Gregor is the illustrator extraordinaire responsible for all of those adorkable faces.

dog mug

Guess all of my linens have got to go too…

Fenella Smith Pug Pillow

Fenella even sells stationery to help you add a little pup to each and every note!

pug notelets

Her Pug and Doxie shopping lists are also super adorable.

Fenella Smith Shopping List updated

I’ll take ten of everything, please!


So whether you’re a puppy-loving chef…

Fenella Smith Baking

A coffee drinker…

Fenella Smith Jack R Mug

A writer…

Fenella Smith Notebook

Or just looking to shop for your pup…

Fenella Smith Dog Bowl updated Fenella Smith Dog Food Bowl

Fenella’s got you covered! Literally!

wrapping paper

Keep your puppy dog eyes on the BarkShop for the latest Fenella Smith collection, available now!

Featured image via Fenella Smith