Five Bark Office Dogs Review: The Carrot

Five Bark Office Dogs Review: The Carrot

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Believe it or not, our dogs have quite refined tastes. Their zest for a nice mouthful of garbage or a deep whiff of the local Bulldog’s butt might convince you otherwise, but believe me– they can appreciate the finer things. For example, most dogs seem to enjoy the sweet, crunchy, refreshing taste of nature’s popsicle: the carrot.


Which is a fancy way of saying: we gave our office dogs carrots. Read on for a sampling of their refined and thoughtful reviews.

1. Max: “Fresh as pre-marked grass!”


“Oh my! This carrot is the bee’s knees! Allow me to explain: imagine a giant, delicious, crunchy bee. Now imagine what that bee’s knees would taste like. This is that.”

Rating: 5/5

2. Charlie: “The sweet taste of success!”


“As a Frenchie of elite tastes, I appreciate any food I can chomp on like a fine cigar. I feel like a cool billionaire when I’m chomping on this tasty carrot.”

Rating: 5/5

3. Benji: “Dance on, sweet veggie!”


“Oh I do love a divine, dangly carrot, dancing in front of me like the prima at the Paris Opera Ballet. My favorite part is the orange part. Much crunchier than the green!”

Rating: 5/5

4. Ziggy: “Lol, but actually no.”


“Yeah sorry but I’m not playing along. Call me back when this is a sausage.”

Rating: X

5. Andi: “5/5 would steal again.”


“Ah, the carrot- what a sublime enigma! How could something grown in the dirt taste so sweet? Though to be fair, dirt *is* delicious. Anyway I’m glad I stole this from Ziggy. Can’t believe that sucker gave up a perfectly good carrot.”

Rating: 5/5

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