Free Downloadable DIY Art For Dog Lovers – Part Two

Free Downloadable DIY Art For Dog Lovers – Part Two

If you missed out on Part One of the download party, check it out here
Today brings a new download for you dog-lovin’ fools! I have the perfect solution for pup-smudged windows. No, it’s not a DIY mixture for a streak-free cleaning solution, and it’s definitely not tips on how to increase window-cleaning frequency. IT’S AN EXCUSE! Who doesn’t love a good ‘ole excuse?

Here’s download #2:

01_aladog__screenshot download_button

This is the perfect download for all you Francophiles out there. Now nose smudges are trés chic!


I thought it would be fun to give this one a subtle yellow glow. Kinda like a window – go figure.

02_aladog 03_aladog

This project could seriously cost you guys as little as $2.99 if you don’t already have a frame sitting around. I headed over to Goodwill, bought myself the cheapest frame I could find, and gave that sucker a few coats of white spray paint. Cheap? Maybe. But, I prefer the term “thrifty.” Thankyouverymuch.


There is now no mistaking why my windows happen to be cloudy and hard to see through. Because I’m fancy! But of course.

05_aladog 06_aladog

I’ll give you the same three tips as in the last post:
1. Print your download as is; no need to print “fit to page”
2. Print black and white for crisp lines


Stay tuned for more downloads coming your way!

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