Frida Blogs Food: Microwaveable PetCakes

Frida Blogs Food: Microwaveable PetCakes

Hello there BarkBoxers, Frida here! I am so excited to start this column, “Frida Blogs Food.” It’s always been a dream of mine to become a food blogger. I just love cuddly nights in my apartment browsing Pinterest– I’ve been browsing others’ food blogs for months and I decided it was time to dip my paw in the mix. (You can see some of my craft work here. Hehe!)

Here are some of the cooking supplies I received over the holidays. I am so grateful to have such loving friends and relatives around me that understand my dreams and aspirations. Le sigh. 🙂 I decided to make the carob cakes on my first attempt in the kitchen. First step box mix, next step, treats from scratch. (You can buy some red velvet Puppycakes in the BarkBox shop!)

dog cooking
The first thing you need to do is pour the mix into your bowl.  Now, this is harder than it looks with two paws and no thumbs, but it can be done. On the box it says to use scissors to cut the bag open, but they seriously don’t make scissors for dogs. (Your teeth work fine.) Then you need to add the rest of the ingredients, (pup peanut butter and water) and mix everything up.

dog cooking barkbox
After you’ve got your batter all mixed up, put the batter into your pan. This is also difficult to do with four paws because it gets really messy on your fur, but it is quite fun to lick off. Hehe!

Make sure to lick the spoon, too.

Next you need to put your PetCakes in the microwave for 2.5 minutes. Make sure to do this while no humans are looking, they seem to find it strange when they find a dog using the microwave.

After you are done baking your PetCakes, you can mix the icing. Make sure you don’t ice your PetCakes until they are cool. Things got a little messier than I’d like to admit, but I am just a beginner.

Here’s how my cakes turned out. Of course they don’t look like Magnolia Bakery’s, but I’m pretty happy with my results. I seriously need to learn how to ice things with paws.

Super tasty! Be sure to check back for future installments of Frida Blogs Food. And if any food bloggers out there have some advice for an aspiring pup, you can tweet me. 🙂 Thanks for reading puploves!