From Pokemon to Pugemon: One Artist’s Quest To Change Every Pokemon Character Into Pugs

From Pokemon to Pugemon: One Artist’s Quest To Change Every Pokemon Character Into Pugs

I think we can all agree that Pugs make everything better. You don’t need to look too far for evidence of this.

pug zach

Australian illustrator Sean Dowling agrees. That’s why he set out to redesign (improve?) the original Pokemon characters by imagining them as beautifully rotund — and no less magical — Pugs. And thus, the phenomenon of Pugemon began.

As much as I love Pokemon (I still know, and often sing, the lyrics to the theme song), I mean, c’mon guys, Pugs as Pokemon is an even cooler idea than the original global sensation that many of us grew up with.

For Dowling, this brilliant concept all started with the character of Bulbasaur, pictured below.

As Dowling told the folks at Lost At E Minor, this dual-type Grass/Poison Pokemon was the first character he tackled for the project. He was struck by how similar Bulbasaur’s features were to those of a typical Pug. After all, both creatures share expressive facial traits and big personalities — especially their wide smiles.

bulbo pug collage
And from these two inspirations, Bulbapug was born. As it turns out, it would be the first of many Pugemons.

Once Bulbapug was realized, it became a matter of Pug-ifying each of the Pokemon characters and renaming them to signify their newfound Pugdom. Familiar names like Pikachu, Squirtle and Charizard have been rechristened Pugachu, Squirtpug, and Pugizard.

Here are just a few of Dowling’s amazing recreations. First, we have the full evolution of Charmander, I mean, Pugmander.

series of pokemons
Below, you can enjoy the different stages of Squirtle Squirtpug. (I’ll get it right, guys, sorry.)

And finally, the stunning spectrum of Bulbapug. (There! Nailed it!)

bulbapug evolution
You’ll be happy to know that The Pugemon Pugedex is close to completion. Last we checked, Dowling had already refashioned over 100 of the original 150 Pokemon characters.

pugemon rando copy
It kinda makes you wonder why they didn’t just skip Pokemon and go straight to Pugemon in the first place, but that’s OK. We’re just so grateful it’s happening now.

pugemon misc
Be sure to view all of the Pugemons and stay up to date on Dowling’s work by following The Pugemon Project on Facebook.

pugemon full chart
Maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to do what you couldn’t all those years ago — catch ’em all!

Featured image via The Pugemon Project/Facebook

H/t Lost At E Minor