When you're a new puppy parent and you wanna honor your nerdy roots, you've got a lot of places you can turn for advice. There's the Jedi High Council, the Guardians of the Universe (not to be confused with the Guardians of the Galaxy), and, of course, BarkPost. Let's take a tour of some of our favorite geek culture dogs, and why their names might be perfect for your new fuzzy buddy.
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1. EINSTEIN. "Bones? Where we're going, we don't need bones." (Just kidding, please bring a bone)
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2. K-9. If your dog makes your world so much stranger. And so much darker. And so much madder. And so much better.
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3. JAKE. When you can always count on your dog for a trust pound.
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4. SANTA'S LITTLE HELPER. Or Santos L. Halper for bonus points.
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5. FANG. If you prefer the Forbidden Forest to the Dog Park.
Source: The Geek Twins
6. QUEEQUEG. There's something out thereā€¦ better bark at it.
Source: Good Comics
7. LOCKJAW. If your pup has a Thing stuck in his teeth.
8. PORTHOS. If your dog boldly goes where no dog has gone before. Maybe Olive Garden?
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9. KRYPTO. When your dog is your superhero.
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10. REX THE WONDER DOG. If your dog is pretty good at fighting dinosaurs.
11. KNOW-NOTHING BOZO THE NON-WONDER DOG. If your dog is (checks guide) "mostly harmless."
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12. RILEY. If your dog can take out a helicopter single-handedly.
13. FRANK THE PUG. Because your dog will survive.
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14. SNOWBALL. Because his fur is soft, and white. (and DO NOT call him Snuffles.)
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15. CANIS MAJOR. If your dog is the brightest star in your galaxy.
Source: IGN
16. CHOP. For the dog that knows how to sniff out a Balla in a railyard.
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17. TAIL TERRIER. If your dog is a total space case. You know, a real Space Canine Patrol type.
18. CELINE. For the dog that can do all the best tricks. Hoopies, come through!
19. EIN. If your dog is smarter than you and you don't even notice.
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20. CERBERUS. For the dog that guards the gates of Hell or your yard.
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21. MUFFIT. If you think your dog might be a monkey in a suit.
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21 Thoroughly Geeky Dog Names For Nerd Pup Parents

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