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Dog tags serve a number of functions- name, phone number, address, maybe relevant medical information- you know the drill. And you need all that, but you don't gotta settle for such a dry tag. Let's make your dog tag fun, playful, and unforgettable, just like your fuzzy best buddy. These are some of our favorites from etsy (just click the source link to visit!):
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1. "Baby, I have a dog you're gonna LOVE- because he's yours! I found him. Let's do lunch."
Source: WowieGoods
2. "License, Registration and Squeaky Toy, ma'am?"
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3. Somebody's gotta police the nuts in this town.
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4. Ashamed to say that my leg has been an enabler.
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5. If a guy helps rescue your dog, that's already a major bonus on the hottie scale. Ladies, don't miss out!
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6. You and me both, buddy.
7. "Is it ok if I use tongue?"
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8. Break out the beef sticks, bro!
Source: BaublesDog
9. Is that a promise or a threat?
Source: thRUFFtyPup
10. The first step of being found is being lost, am I right? Anyway, hopefully this tag never comes true.
Source: critterbling
11. Ew, why would a dog be so excited about WEDNESDAYS? Oh wait- oh- oh I get it…
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12. Ah, but WHICH is WHICH? The eternal mystery that- oh nevermind, looks like the dogs sorted it out pretty quick.
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13. Every dog comes with a secret license to destroy. (Though it helps that they're so cute.)
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13 Cheeky Dog Tags That Let Your Pup Wear Their Personality On Their Sleeve

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