10 Pieces of Fur-niture Your Four-legged Roomie Will Love

10 Pieces of Fur-niture Your Four-legged Roomie Will Love

The pup lovers at West Elm know that a happy dog is a happy home, so to get your home looking and feeling its best, they’re focusing on step one: a happy dog.

We asked some of West Elm’s loyal pupstomers which dog-friendly products had their tails giving 5 out of 5 wags. Here are some of their favorites:

1)  Henry Sectional Sofa

A photo posted by Dana (@danes86) on

“Well, I’m a kicker when I dream about chasing squirrels, so I guess my parents decided to get me a new bed with some extra leg room!”

2) Lorimer Sectional + Pillows

A photo posted by Edward Juarez (@etj77) on

“Dog? There is no ‘dog’ here. I have found my people. I am a pillow now. No, wait- a puplow!”

3) Peggy Sofa

A photo posted by Atom Stevens (@happyatom) on

“This couch is great, it really boosts my productivity. I’m up to 12 naps per day, new paw-sonal record!”

4) Vines Wool Rug

A photo posted by Lisa (@helloitslisam) on

“This is where my mom and I always have our morning together time. She says it’s because of the rug, but we all know it wouldn’t be the same rug without my fur in it.”

5) Anders Armchair

“Oh, share? So I’m supposed to share my favorite chair when you won’t share your pizza? Interesting.”

6) Round Swirl Pouf

“Are you kibbling me?? My parents bought me a giant ball! BEST. DAY. EVER.”

7) Souk Wool Shag Rug

A photo posted by Laurelyn (@laurelynsavannah) on

“I work hard everyday to keep an eye on this here snooze pad until my humans get home. It’s a ruff job, but someone has to do it.”

8) Mid-Century Organic Crosshatch Duvet, Ikat Harmony Sheet Set, Mid-Century Circlet Ogee Quilt + Shams

A photo posted by Crimson (@sfchiweenie) on

“Ohmydog it’s like someone figured out how to wrap belly scratches all over a bed.”

9) Jacquard Leaf Duvet

A photo posted by Kim (@veronikim) on

“Hey, man. If you didn’t want me to buy throw pillows to match your bedding why did you leave me with this computer and killer sense of decor?”

10) A sure sign of great furniture within and great times ahead: cardboard boxes!

Let your pup see first-paw what all the fuss is about! Take them to any participating West Elm stores below on August 15th and post a photo together in the store using the hashtag #westelmxbarkbox for the chance to be featured on @WestElm and @BarkBox Instagram feeds.

Paw-ticipating cities for the in-store events include New York City, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Austin, Chicago, New Orleans, Portland, Seattle, and Washington DC. Click here to RSVP!