The Best Puppy Cams on the Whole Internet

The Best Puppy Cams on the Whole Internet

So as if you all needed something else on the internet to distract you from work/life, we’ve got a list of our favorite most adorable puppy cams out there!

Now this might seem creepy – but it’s not, because, puppies.

Puppy Enrichment Center

Puppy Enrichment SS

We’re not quite sure what a “puppy enrichment center” does. But we know we want to go there, because based on this footage, it just looks like a mama dog, her puppies, and lucky hoomans who get to snuggle said puppies all day.

Animal Planet Puppy Cam

Animal Rescue League

Since they’re pretty much the cat’s meow when it comes to all things animals, naturally Animal Planet has great puppy cam access. Currently showing are the adorable rescue pups from Sochi, currently living at the Washington Animal Rescue League!

Southeastern Guide Dog Puppies

Southeastern Guide Dogs

“From ‘puppy hugging’ to harness training…these puppies have an exciting life ahead of them,” Southeastern Guide Dogs explains on their website. Um, can we be in charge of the puppy hugging please??

 Shiba Inu Puppy Cam

Shiba Inu Puppy Cam

This puppy cam, courtesy of Ustream, features a litter known as the “E-Team”, which includes two handsome cream boys and three adorable red girls! #socute

North Shore Animal League America

North Shore Animal League Puppy Cam

This New York-based animal shelter has a series of adorable featured webcasts, including a live grooming cam on Tuesdays at 11am (if you like seeing pups hosed down!) and Thursdays at 11am for the live puppy and kitty cam. Set your DVRs everyone!

Great Dane Service Puppies

Great Dane Puppy Cam

Meet the newest litter of these spotted Great Dane pups who were born at the Service Dog Project in Massachusetts. These adorable pups have a big job in store for them, as they will eventually be placed with people who have Multiple Sclerosis, individuals with Friedreich’s ataxia, and veterans with disabilities.