Maybe you prefer your babies covered in fur or maybe you are just living-your-life-and-you’ll-get-to-human-grandkids-on-your-own-timeline-geeeeeze-SOMEBODY-pass-the-eggnog. Either way, ain’t no shame in your game, friend. But we know that just because your pup isn’t your biological offspring, doesn’t mean you don’t treat them like the furry bundle of joy that they are. So, for all you hardcore pup parents, this is for you…
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1. K-9 Kannon ($25): People parents talk a big game about playing catch with their tyke, but pup parents know fetch is where it’s at -especially with this amped-up version that combines the joy of fetch with the thrill of firing a Nerf gun.
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2. Custom Portraits by Pooch Tag (price varies): These adorably quirky custom portraits of their pup will be sure to make ‘em smile. Submit a picture of the beloved pooch, and receive your choice of keychain, earrings, dog tags, cuff links, magnets, and more!
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3. Granddog Mug ($14.10): So… maybe this technically grandparent gift, but the sheer satisfaction of playfully answering the “So, is this a practice baby?” question is really the gift that keeps on giving.
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4. Camio (free to record with one device, $9/mo for each additional device): Turn any internet connected camera (phone, computer, tablet, webcam) into a cloud-based video monitoring machine! In other words, your over-protective dog parent friends can keep an eye on their precious pup from afar by simply downloading the Camio app!
Source: Canine Retreat
5. Doggy Daycare (price varies upon location and package): Even though your dog-ruvin’ pal might want to bring their pup everywhere, that’s not always a possibility. There’s vacations, long meetings, emergencies – hey, life happens. Which makes a doggy day care package a very thoughtful gift! Pup parents can rest easy knowing their dog is in good paws! If that’s too much of a splurge, print out some homemade coupons if you are up for the task of pupsitting and your pals can redeem as needed!
6. Matching Outfits, $19.32 for human sweater from Novelty Jumpers on Etsy, $13.99 from T Shirt Market on Etsy: The winter chill offers ample opportunity for your favorite pup parent to get matchy-matchy with their pooch without being overly cutesy about it. In fact, now is the perfect time of year for the both of them to pay homage to the greatest holiday film series of all time: Home Alone. Let them channel their inner Kevin McCallister with this winning combo.
Source: PetSmart
7. Dog Stroller ($99.99, prices may vary): Speaking of wanting to bring your dog everywhere… for some elderly pups or dogs with health conditions, long walks with their beloved human isn’t possible. C’est la vie, right? WRONG! Enter the dog stroller, because sometimes those with four paws need four wheels to cruise around.
Source: Bothwell
8. Bothwell B7 Emergency Pack (now $65 with code "Holidays 2014" in the BarkShop): When dogs are a part of the family, you’ve got to be ready for their emergencies, too! Give your favorite pup parents the gift of preparedness! With first aid/disaster supplies and guide book, they’ll be able to handle the unexpected oops-es that come with a pup.
Source: Domestic Beast
9. Poo Bags ($9/pack of 6): You know how new parents are always so grateful for any diapers they get at baby showers? Poo bags are the pup parent equivalent. And unlike diapers (hopefully), poo bags are needed for the dog’s entire life. Be a pal, help ‘em bag the poo. Bonus points for biodegradable bags.
10. Dog Charm Necklace ($42): Now your pal can keep their beloved pup close to their heart on the go with a personalized necklace. Maybe it will even temper the flood of cellphone pics and videos starring their dog whenever they’re separated. (Probably not, though. Let’s be real.)
11. Pet Photography Session (prices vary): Help your pal and their pup capture their special bond with their pooch with professional photos! It’s time that pups took back the Facebook newsfeed! (C’mon, we all know an ultrasound oversharer or two.)
... Or, your pal could go full-force with the whole “newborn photos” thing.
Source: Wisdom Panel
12. Wisdom Panel Breed Identification DNA Test ($80): For the parents of mixed-breed rescue pups, this gift is as entertaining as it is helpful! Now, they can find out their dog’s unique breed make up to get a better understand of their dog’s the specific health concerns and personality traits.
13. BarkBox ($19-$29/mo, depending on length of subscription and size of pup): A monthly box of pawsome hand-picked toys and treats delivered to right to their door! That’s like… a monthly baby shower for their pup. Think about it. You can’t go wrong!
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