15 Thoughtful Gifts To Say “Thank You” To Your Favorite Dog Walker

15 Thoughtful Gifts To Say “Thank You” To Your Favorite Dog Walker

Being a dog walker is not as easy a job as it sounds. Sure, you get paid to soak up the sun while you bond with other people’s doggos, but rainy days and rough terrain can make even the happiest pupper a sad little doofus. Here are 15 thoughtful items your favorite dog walker will absolutely love you (and your pup) for.

1. Belly Scratch T-Shirt, $18

This is the shirt all Bark & Co. employees own and wear proudly to rep their dog-lover status. It’s super soft, and would make a great addition to any T-shirt collection.

belly scratch tee


2. Dachshund Makeup Bag, From $24

Sure, this hand-sketched bag fits all your makeup brushes and palettes, but the machine-washable linen is durable and can hold any little bits and bobs a dog walker may want to bring along on walks, including clients’ house keys or small bottles of sunscreen and hand sanitizer.

doxie makeup bag


3. Lush Relax Gift Set, $25.95

Walking puppers all day does a number on the body, so sore feet and achy muscles need some pampering. A much-appreciated gesture would be something that helps them relax and unwind after a long day, like this bath time gift set. P.S. All products in this set are vegan.

lush relax gift set


4. Rescued Wine Holiday Pine Candle, $25

Perfect to fill their home with warmth and the crisp scent of pine, this candle made from a recycled wine bottle creates a wonderfully cozy atmosphere. Plus, a percentage of every purchase goes to help dogs in need.

rescued wine holiday candle


5. In Dog We Trust Tote, $22

Emblazoned with the truest statement describing every dog lover on the planet, this Bark & Co. design features a proud doggo sketched by our lovely Dave Coverly, who’s in charge of all the doodles you find in the BarkBox (and at Bark & Co. headquarters!).

in dog we trust tote


6. Bark & Co. Shoodles, $74

These popular canvas shoes are a BarkShop bestseller, and it’s easy to see why. The comfy massaging insoles have a squishy bubble for your heels that any hardcore dog walker will appreciate. And with the quirky dog illustrations decorating the canvas top, they’re the perfect statement piece for the dog-obsessed.



7. Personalized Pet Portrait, From $38.26

My favorite gifts as a dog walker (besides cash!) were anything that I could keep as a memory of my time with the puppers I walked. A birthday card with the dog’s paw print on the inside always brought me to tears, and I would’ve loved to receive a portrait of any of the dogs I cared for. You can send in a picture of your pup (or your dog walker’s pup) for a digital file of their portrait.

dog portrait


8. Fair Isle Ski Hat, $20

Keep your pup’s favorite walker warm when the wind kicks up or rain starts to fall. This ski hat featuring silhouettes of pups at play is lighthearted and oh, so cozy.

ski hat


9. “More Wine, Less Bark” Canvas Water Bottle, $21

Walking dogs all day in the sun is fun, but dehydration can be a real problem when you’re on the go. This sturdy canvas water bottle can be carried around easily for quick hydration. As a thank-you to the person who keeps your pup safe and happy while you’re away, it also makes a pretty good wine tote. Hehe.

canvas water bottle


10. Dog Mop, $12

This item is especially useful if your dog walker or sitter has pups of their own, or if they bring dogs into their home while working. The Dog Mop is made of super soft absorbent material that dries wet pups quickly so they can run around the house without leaving muddy paw prints behind.

TobyMop1 (1 of 1)


11. Tennis Ball Thank You Cards Set, $17

The best thank-you a dog walker can get is a sloppy dog kiss from one of their charges, but then again, sometimes it’s nice for the dog’s human to express their gratitude, too. An extra tip or gift card inside this adorable dog-themed thank-you card is just the trick.

tennis ball cards


12. Travel First Aid Kit, $30

This first aid kit is suitable for both pets and humans, and is one of those things that people often forget about until it’s needed. Why not give your dog walker a gift that will make their life easier while giving you peace of mind that both your walker and pup are safer in the event of an emergency? This stain-resistant bag holds all the items together compactly and stylishly.

first aid kit


13. Water + Snack Duo Bottle, $19.49

This dual-chambered bottle holds water on one side and a snack (a.k.a. dog treats!) on the other. Each compartment can carry 12 oz, and the bottle comes equipped with a collapsible bowl to make water breaks simple and easy.

duo snack bottle


14. Dog Walker Mug, $16

Need we say more? This no-nonsense mug is microwave and dishwasher safe, made sturdy and adorable from the folks at Fishs Eddy. It’s sure to be your recipient’s new favorite.

dog walker mug


15. Grounds & Hounds Coffee, From &9

Those quiet early morning walks with doge can be relaxing, but even moreso after a mug of the exclusive blends of coffee from Grounds & Hounds. With a portion of proceeds going towards animal rescue efforts, and with each coffee bean ethically raised and harvested, it’s a great way for any conscientious dog lover to start their morning.

grounds and hounds coffee

featured image via BarkShop
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