19 Gifts That Will Turn Your House Into A Home For Your Rescue Pup

19 Gifts That Will Turn Your House Into A Home For Your Rescue Pup

Often times when a pup is rescued, their past is a complete mystery to their new family. Unfortunately, most rescue dogs have had ruff lives riddled with hardship and need all the love they can get.

You can’t undo the past, but you can get their new life started off on the right paw with this list of paw-picked products and priceless sentiments to gift your rescue dog this holiday season.

1. Love

Love is the greatest gift you can give a dog coming from nothing. Love heals all. It may take time to undo their damage, but making your dog feel loved and earning their trust are the first steps in building an unbreakable bond. And it don’t cost a thing!

Dog Love

2. Reversible Puffer$40

Love is amazing, but warmth helps too! Rescue pups are coming from cold, lonely nights either on the streets or in a shelter. They’ve dreamed of the days when they could bundle up in their winter digs & stroll around their neighborhood with their human. This reversible puffer comes in 4 different sizes and will keep your pup warm in the wintry months to come.


3. Treats

Did somebody say TREATS?! These pups are used to scavenging scraps from the garbage. An actual treat will have any pup on the up-and-up thinking they’ve died and gone to doggie heaven.


4. Complete K9 Meal Bar For Dogs$5

Lassies coming from a rescue might need extra nourishment to get them up to optimal health. They’ve spent weeks, months, even years with less than adequate care & nutrition. These Complete K9 Meal Bar’s are the perfect solution to add nutritious calories to your hungry, on-the-go pooch.


Turbo Pup

5. Playtime

Dogs coming from nothing aren’t used to the concept of designated play time. Give your hound the gift of fun this holiday season by playing a few extra long games of fetch. Pawlidays are where some of the sweetest memories are made.

Eddies Wheels

6. Odin For Dogs$23

This stylish puzzle dog toy will get the gears turning for Fido while he hunts for the treats hidden inside. The Odin is modular, allowing you to connect multiple Odins to each other, creating an even more difficult (and, if filled, delicious) toy for your pup.

Up Dog

7. Guidance 

Adjusting to normal pup life from shelter pup life can take some time. Your pup will need guidance and support as they become accustomed to the new structure in their life. Be sure to be patient and give them extra rubs and words of encouragement with every step of their journey.

Paws and Hands

8. Houndstooth Leash$40

Even the concept of being walked may be new to a pup being rescued. This leash is designed specifically for bigger dogs and is constructed with incredibly strong polypropylene rope for tough performance that doesn’t sacrifice style. You’ll be able to keep your pooch safe while leading them around their new stomping grounds.

Houndstooth Leash

9. Hugs

There will never be too many hugs for a rescue mutt to receive from their new humans. Shower them with these free gifts as much as you can. The benefits of furry hugs go both ways.

baby hugs puppy

10. Canvas Pet Tote$160

Carry your tail-wagger in comfort everywhere you go with this versatile tote from Love Thy Beast. Your pooch will feel warm, dry, & secure while tucked under your arm. Goodbye separation anxiety! 😉

Love Thy Beast

11. Friends/Furends

Rescue pups may or may not be used to running in packs but everypawty has #squadgoals. Keep your buddy’s social calendar full of festive doggie dates with their furends this season. They deserve all the dog-nog & gingerbread treats they can get!


12. Porter Coat$68

This fleece coat by Billy Wolf is the pawfect gift for a pup’s first holiday season home with their new family. They’ll stay nice & warm while looking cheery in their new threads.

Billy Wolf

13. Pampering

One of the first things furry vagabonds need when coming from the streets is a proper grooming session. This might be their first visit to the salon in their whole life so make sure it’s extra special. Nails done, fur done, erythang done!

Sophie Gamand 2

14. Dipper Ceramic Bowl For Dogs$22

Your rescued hound will feel right at home with this pawsonalized bowl for their 2 meals a day!

Waggo Ceramic Bowl

15. Pig Out Rights

You don’t want to leave out any puppers with two of the biggest meals of the year around the corner. Be sure to stock up on fur friendly delicacies to include your mutts in all the pawtys!


16. Park Pouch & Waste Bag Combo$10

Depending on your rescued pooch’s previous life they most likely are used to pooping wherever they may please. Your pup is probably always going to think it’s weird you pick up their poop but as they adjust to a more civilized lifestyle they’ll get used to it. Cycle Dog

17. Road Trips

From their first ride home, to winter ski trips, to summer camping adventures, road trips with your dog are some of the best hound and human bonding experiences to be had. Vow to take your fluffanutter on as many adventures as puppin’ possible this year. Priceless memories are the best gifts you can give your mutt.


18. Martingale Collar$35

To ensure your pup will never be lost again investing in a quality collar with a name badge is key. Your dude will look dashing in his new collar & with a trusty name badge attached he’ll be as safe as can be.


19. Family

There’s no greater gift in the world than feeling like you have a place and belong somewhere. If the spirit moves you, reward your dog to a few special pawducts this holiday season but, above all else, gift them with a warm bed, snuggles & as much love as you can give. Rescue doggies really need that extra quality time and that’s what the holidays are all about. Dog Family

20. Barkbox Subscription$39-$319

This is THE BEST gift you could pawsibly give your rescued fur-butt. Each month your pup will receive their very own package in the mail of paw picked fun toys, healthy treats, and innovative gadgets that will bring tail wags for days. BarkBox is an amazing way for your mutts to try a variety of pawducts from local and small businesses you may not otherwise be able to find. Your doggies will never have a dull day again!

Bark Box