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Gabi Stickler describes herself as an "amateur" photographer, but we see nothing amateurish about the fabulous photos she takes of her favorite fuzzbutt, Mali the Golden Retriever. Gabi's favorite photo ops involve Mali, his teddy bear, and a few other friends getting into mischief galore. This time around, Mali and friends discover the joys (and woes) of mud!
What a lovely mound of dirt!
Let's see what happens when we mix dirt and water.
Uh Oh.
Perhaps a wild scamper through the forest will clean me up.
Why did you show me that irresistible dirt mound, Bear?!
Mali meets a few friends on his muddy journey.
Hey, you look like me!
My mom's boots are muddy, too. Maybe she won't be mad at me.
Who could be mad at this face?
If my natural beauty fails, surely she won't be able to resist this.
I even put on my best tie.
And picked her a beautiful flower.
Who am I kidding? I'm a PIG!
Lucky for me, my mom gives great baths!
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Golden Retriever Causes Muddy Mayhem And Melts Our Hearts

H/T boredpanda.com, Featured Image via Facebook/Mr. Golden Retriever MALI