18 Perfect Gifts For The Dog Loving Bookworm In Your Life

18 Perfect Gifts For The Dog Loving Bookworm In Your Life

If your idea of an afternoon well spent consists of burying your nose in a good book while snuggling your pup, this list is for you! There’s nothing more cozy than staying in your pajamas and curling up on the couch with your fluffy tail-wagger. Grab a steamy cup of Grounds And Hounds, a stack of pup literature, a fleecy blanket and hunker down for a toasty afternoon in your reading nook.

1. “Off the Leash: The Secret Life of Dogs” Book by Rupert Fawcett$14

Do you often wonder what your dog is thinking? “Off the Leash: The Secret Life of Dogs” by Rupert Fawcett is packed full of his brilliant observational cartoons that is sure to elicit laughs and exasperated sighs from dog lovers everywhere.

good dog book

2. Snuggle Sack$16

Dogs love to snuggle just as much as we do. Make your pup’s nap dreams come true with this snuggle sack from R2P Pet Products. Cuddle up with your favorite dog book while your pooch snoozes by your side.

good dog book

3. Bulldog PJ Sweater$17.90

If comfy-cute is your style this Bulldog crew will quickly become your go to for days filled with literature and lounging. Featuring a slouchy silhouette, cotton fleece construction, and long sleeves, your off-duty days will be spent in full relaxation mode with this piece.

good dog book

4. Book And Dog Print$11

Truer words have never been written for the literary dog lover. Printed on an upcycled 1897 dictionary page this would make a great one of a kind gift for the book worm, pup-cessed person in your life.

good dog book

5. Fluffy Fleece Blanket$19.99

There’s nothing cozier than a fleecy pup blanket and a good dog book on a frigid February day. A perfect addition to your afternoon cuddle sesh.

Cozy pup blanket

6. Dogs Trust Notebook$14

Jot down your writerly thoughts about dogs (obviously) with this Dogs Trust notebook. Great for daily journaling or occasional note-taking, this notebook features a whole pack of pooches, hand-sketched by Fenella Smith herself.

good dog book

7. Puppy Butt Bookmark$25

What else would you want to keep your place in your book than a dog butt? Better yet the infamous Clifford, The Big Red Dog, much loved from the children’s books. Normally bigger than a house, this one is shrunk down to hide in your book!

good dog book

8. I Like Big Books Pup Tee$22.50

Your dog supports anything that equivalents more snuggle time. In this case that means chilly weather and lots of books!


good dog book

9. Balloon Dog Book Ends$48

Keep all your dog books organized with these chic Poodle book ends. Your reading den will be comfortable and cute for rainy days with your doge.

good dog book

10. Between Two Dogs$14.12

What better way to brighten up a dull winter day than a good dog book with cuddly puppies?! This darling coffee table book by Shaina Fishman includes captivating images of Golden Retrievers, Pugs, French Bulldogs, Dalmatians, and more! If you need a little pup me up “Between Two Dogs” will do the trick!

good dog book

11. Puppy Onesie$40.50

In order to fully indulge in a day dedicated to lounging and good reads you need the right attire. This adult onesie with adorable pups bundled up with ear muffs is exactly what you need to complete your afternoon of well-read moments.

good dog book

12. Toile Blanket$68

A snuggly blanket is an absolute must when it comes to teatime with your book and fluffmeister. Nuzzle in with your pup and a good dog book for a cozy and content afternoon.

good dog book


13. Dog Print Tote$22.04

Having a little cabin fever and planning on taking your books and your pup to the dog friendly cafe down the street?  Pack up this heavyweight pup print tote with your favorite reads and you’re out the door!

Dog Print Tote

14. Coffe, Art, Books, Naps, Dogs Tee$24

Do all of these things everyday and your life will be complete. This super soft tee from Culture Flock Clothing is an obvious wardrobe choice for an afternoon spent with your pup, drinking coffee and reading a good dog book!

good dog book

15. Dachshund Mug$20

Sipping a cup of coffee from this ceramic Dachshund dog mug on a brisk winter day will warm you right up! Easy-to-clean and dishwasher safe (at low temperatures, to preserve the color), this mug will be your new favorite caffeine delivery container.

good dog book

16. Bulldog Hipster Socks$7.50

If you consider yourself a hip nerd who is pupcessed with dogs these dapper Bulldog socks are the perfect accessory for all your book club dates.

good dog book


17. Grounds And Hounds Coffee$16

Support no-kill dog rescue organizations with every sip of this craft-roasted coffee. Made in small batches by the folks at Grounds & Hounds, we collaborated to bring you our exclusive BarkBlend Medium Roast. And because we like our coffee with one cream and plenty of compassion, each bag o’ beans supports safe animal rescues that help find every dog a home. Your morning java/puppy snuggles/reading sesh will be extra feel good with a warm cup of this joe.

good dog book

18. Nerd Pug Tee$24.99

This adorable little book Pug will keep you company layered under a sweater and fluffy blanket on wintry afternoons. This design was hand drawn and hand printed on a super soft tee by Inkopious clothing.

good dog book

Featured image via Barnes and Noble
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