This big goofy guy is Sam.
And this is Sam's bundle of joy baby sister.
Where she crawls, he goes.
He loves getting snuggles from her.
And she pampers him like he's the baby of the family.
They both look like angels when they sleep.
And their favorite thing to do together is chill.
Super-sized Sam doesn't even mind taking a bath as long as his bestie is around.
They have a fluffy friend who keeps them hopping.
Sam's sister likes to dress them both up in matching "hair accessories."
Sam prefers to wear stylish scarves, though.
Nothing beats the cuddles they share.
Except maybe when they share breakfast.
Sam is with his sister every step of the way - even when he's actually *in* the way.
But that's okay, because all that matters is that they stay together forever.
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Great Dane And His Little Friend Have A Relationship Straight Out Of A Disney Movie

Once upon a time, there was a lovable giant named Sam, a handsome Great Dane who lived simply to see the kingdom’s little princess smile. As you can see from these photographs, Sam is a loyal companion who is never far, far away from his adorable best friend. Regardless of him being well over 100 pounds, it’s quite clear that these two are going to live happily ever after thanks to the magic of friendship!

Feature Image: greatdanesam/ Instagram

H/T: The Dodo