This Rescue Dog And Her Dreamboat Human Are The Funniest Duo On Vine

This Rescue Dog And Her Dreamboat Human Are The Funniest Duo On Vine

Finley and her human, Greg Baskwell could very well be the coolest duo on Vine. Their vines are super adorkable, but how Finley and Greg came to be is an even sweeter story.

In an email to BarkPost, Baskwell said:

Finley is a rescue. I found her by searching online for Labrador mixes, and stumbled upon the Richardson Rescue site. Once I found her online, I gave it a few days and she was still listed, so my dad and I drove down to South Carolina to check her out. She was fenced in on a small little porch, and as soon as my dad and I stepped into the area she was in, she went crazy. Running into things (our legs, the building, the fence), jumping on us, licking. It was so funny because she was SO excited. I knew that I wanted to rescue her before then, but seeing how excited she was to see two random strangers really helped solidify my decision.

Baskwell says that he got Finley when she was just twelve-weeks-old, weighing about 6-7 lbs. Now, she’s 4.5 years old and is a smart Lab with some seriously pawesome tricks up her sleeve.

“Humor is a big part of my life, so I have always enjoyed creating funny situations that involve my dog,” says Baskwell. Her great sense of balancing treats when she was younger is what kickstarted Baskwell’s creative process.

“The process of making videos is actually pretty easy. Most of the time it doesn’t take but a few tries. She can be so still that she actually looks like a statue.” According to him, Finley is so good at staying still that commenters often think she’s a taxidermied pooch.

Baskwell also said, “Every dog I have ever had has been a rescue. There are so many dogs out there that are just as smart, loyal, and loving as a dog you can buy from a breeder. I think Finley is a great example.”

You can check out more of Finley and his human’s adventures here. If you want to add Finley’s pawesomeness to your Instagram feed, you can find her here.

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