15 Reasons Greyhounds Are Totally Underrated

15 Reasons Greyhounds Are Totally Underrated

Tall and lanky, it’s not surprising the Greyhound isn’t often the first dog that comes to mind as an ideal cuddlebug. Hear me now, potential adopters: these canines top the charts when it comes to snuggling. Just because they’re excellent racers and hunters doesn’t mean they don’t also love your company.

In fact, it’s just the opposite. Here are 14 reasons Greyhounds rock:

1. They are level 5 couch potatoes—a.k.a. great apartment dogs.

Many people think that because the Greyhound is commonly bred to race, they must be high-strung all the time. Au contraire, my fine humans! These pups can reach over 40mph on those mile-long legs of theirs, but they’re also MAJOR snugglers.

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2. They’re “roaching” champions.

Ne’er will you be spared from the underside of a Greyhound, for as much time as their feet stay on the ground, they stay in the air just as long. And their bellies are a beautiful sight to behold.

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3. They won’t ever say no to an afternoon jog.

Racers? Yes. Lazy bums? Check. Willing to do whatever you want to do? Well I’ll be… Yahhh! Whether you want to curl up on the couch or go for a run, the Greyhound is with you 100%.

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4. They come in a crazy variety of fur colors and patterns.

Black, white, fawn, normal, and reverse brindle, general mish mosh. You name it, you can find a matching Greyhound. They’re like the snowflakes of the dog world—no two look alike!

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5. They have an impeccable sense of style.

Those Greyhound neckwarmers are just about the most adorable outerwear I’ve seen on a pup. They rock coats in the cold because they have very little fur and fat to keep them warm — and they’re always workin’ it like the world is their runway. (Which it kinda is.)

6. They are rightfully proud of their booties.

You don’t get those buns of steel from eating cheese puffs in the doghouse all night. These guys have the most shapely bums you’ll ever see, and boy do they know it.

7. Come on, they look like sweet little deer.

Don’t tell me you never wanted a little Bambi of your own. Those little fawn spots just make me melt, and if I were a little near-sighted or perhaps just woke up, I would think those big eyes belonged to the king of the forest himself.

deer greyhound

8. Speaking of eyes, those peepers will take you to another dimension.

Seriously. They look straight into your soul.

9. They’re quiet with wonderful manners.

It’s rare to hear a Greyhound bark, they’re quite polite, and and they are just so dang dainty on their feet. While the neighbor dog sounds the alarm for the mailman’s arrival, Mr. Grey is happy to observe at his own leisure.

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10. They’re big, but gentle.

For a tall dog with a lot of lean muscle, the Greyhound is surprisingly mellow with his movements. Younger Greyhounds might not realize their size and can bump into things by accident, but this dog is less ruff-and-tumble and more snore-and-snuggle.

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11. They are clean and virtually stink-free.

Ah, to not smell a dog. Does such a thing exist? These pups are naturally less stinky, and their uber-short coats make grooming a breeze.

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12. They are affectionate people-pleasers.

Greys are mellow canines who are most comfortable with humans. They adore physical body contact and don’t often lick or slobber. Instead, you might get *booped* with one of those long, slender noses. But who doesn’t love a good *boop*?

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13. They’re a great choice for first-time dog owners.

This breed has a few necessities, like clothing in the winter and a nice person to rub their tums, but they are unbelievably easygoing. Despite being wicked speedy and on the larger side, they just want do whatever makes you happy.

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14. Their unique personalities ensure you can always find the perfect match.

Want a dog your kids can grow up with? A pal to keep your own pup company? Maybe a cuddle buddy or jogging partner? Every Grey is different in their own amazing way, and there’s no doubt you can find the absolute perfect companion for your lifestyle.

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15. They will be forever grateful for a home.

Countless Greyhounds end up in shelters and sanctuaries when they’re no longer deemed “fit” to race. After all that time on their feet, they just want a warm lap and a spot on the couch, and they will thank you a thousand times over.

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