21 Dog-Inspired Gifts For People Who Don’t DIY

21 Dog-Inspired Gifts For People Who Don’t DIY

While we’d like to believe that we are extremely handy when it comes to making things from scratch, not all of us are cut out for the DIY life. Just because we haven’t got it though, doesn’t mean we can’t give handmade gifts to our loved ones. So here’s your cheat sheet to handmade awesomeness!

1. Dog Initial Necklace, $34.00

Keeping it classy with just a subtle touch of pooch love.

2. Paw Soother & PawTector Set, $47.95

It’s perfect for winter and your pups will thank you for it.

Natural Dog Company

3. Custom Laser-Engraved Keepsake$29.41

Now you can have a doppelgänger of your favorite pup. 😉

v10 new

4. Ted and Jack – Delightful Doggies Print Silk Feel Scarf, $9.90

This scarf is too gorgeous not to own (even if you don’t have a dog).

5. Collar For The Pup, $12.99

Scruff pups turn to dapper dog in an instant with these fun bowties.

6. Puppy Ring, $29.95

For when you look down at your hand and you have a sweet little reminder of your puppers…

7. Dipper Ceramic Bowl, $17.99

This chalkboard dog bowl makes it easy to be a little crafty.

chalkboard bowl

8. Organic Salve for Dry Crusty Noses, $8.95

So you get soft mushy kisses from your dog in the winter time.

Image via The Blissful Dog

9. Dog Dish Spoon Rest, $9.95

This is so pretty, you can use it for anything! Jewelry, knick-knacks holder, candy dish…the options are endless.

10. Custom Dog Pillow, < $40

For double the puppy snuggles.

11. Dog Rules Throw Pillow, $23.64

Because people have got to know who the real boss of the couch is.

12. Chunky Knit Sweater, $72

Give your dog the gift of a handmade sweater without learning how to knit. 😉

13. I Want To Pet All The Dogs Tote Bag, $29.99

Tote around in puppin’ style.

14. Human and Dog Bowtie Set, $65

Perfect for any occasion. 😀

new bow tie image

15. Dog Print Dress, $8.99

Take your pup lovin’ style to a whole new level.

16. Dogs Poster, $29

Let your true feelings shine through type art.

17. Dog Soap, $4

For when your little fuzzkins get all dirty from playing in the mud all day. As an added bonus, it’s safe on humans too!

18. Dog Planter, $9.99

Give all your potted plants a puppy makeover!

19. BarkSocks: Corgi Paws, $8

Play footsies in these tootsies.

corgi socks new

20. Dog Clock, $64

Because it’s always pup o’clock.

21. Terrier French Love Necklace, $180

Wear your heart around your neck.

bulldog-head-necklace_grid new

Featured image via. Jessica Trinh Photography