heart shaped nose feature
Pups with heart-shaped noses are a thing of magic! I don't know if it means they're packed with extra love, but whatever it means, it's probably the most adorable thing I've seen.
Source: @lisadesilets
I can't believe this puppy is real! Either way, I need to give her the biggest, warmest snuggles.
Source: @joyhoward73
"I'm just a big ball of ruv."
Source: @foreverdammy_
It's impossible not to give this guy a treat.
Source: @orion_etienne
Must. Boop. That. Nose!
Source: @maple_the_pug
I can't handle this. ALL THE TREATS FOR YOU, HEART-PUG.
Source: @tal_aha
"You can't deny me - I'm too tiny, too fluffy, and too precious."
"Even my nose says I ruv ya."
Source: @dunkinandcori
"I'm always here fur you, if you need me."
Source: @brian_fragilex
"I have no idea wut I'm doing, but everyone says I'm pawdorable."
Source: @kayaanlovebug
*intense breathing*
More heartwarming than a greeting card.
What's cuter: the wrinkles and folds or his heart-shaped nose? But, does it really matter?
Source: @elgransanto_85
"Share those snacks with me! My nose will hypnotize you into saying yes."
"My real identity is a teddy bear."
Source: @naty__lite
"I'm just resting my eyes... zZzz..."
Source: @diaryofdoga
"I might just take a chomp of dis tasty grass."
Source: @iam_caryn
"Ahhh, this is the life."
Source: @cklotz5
Pawfect pink nose dreams.
Burrito blankets + heart noses = love. It's just a fact.
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