Hilarious Web Series Accurately Describes Every Dog Parent Ever

Hilarious Web Series Accurately Describes Every Dog Parent Ever
Humane Treatment is essentially what couples therapy would be like, with you and your dog. Creator Elissa Aron, who also plays Dr. Alexandrea Rose, told us she was inspired by HBO’s “In Treatment”, as well as the fact that her mother refers to her dogs as her children. (I’m in that club too)

While the series is humorous, it stems from a sincere belief in the importance of mental health for both dogs and humans. Aron writes, “Whatever problem the caregiver comes in with, it’s usually a reflection on themselves and what they’re going through and their need for love and connection, which they then place on their dog.”

Episode 1. Pickles The Pit Bull Puppy Gets Treated For Depression

The takeaway: Singing to your dog could make them happier. Unless your voice is horrendous, in which case, it could potentially go the other way.

2. Episode 2: Aiden, a Lab/Chihuahua Mix With Attachment Disorder.

When you realize your dog’s separation anxiety is actually your separation anxiety.

3. Episode 3: A Cat Named Breakfast With Neurosis

The best line of this one? “I don’t do cats.”

4. Episode 4: Hudson, Labradoodle. Boundary Issues

We’re lucky dogs can’t actually talk. Cause they’ve seen some stuff. That’s all we’ll say about this episode…

5. Episode 4: Bubbles, Golden Retriever. A.D.D.

This episode actually has a very important message about being present. Whether we’re with our dogs, or with our human friends, it’s important to make sure that we’re not spending more time posting about our lives than we are actually experiencing them.

6. Episode 6: Quentin: A Lhasa Apso With Identity Issues

We’re not saying you shouldn’t put clothes on your dog. After all, it is adorable. But, just make sure your dog still knows they’re a dog.

7. Otis & Redding: Couples Therapy

If Otis doesn’t want her butt sniffed or to share her water bowl, does it mean their relationship is doomed?