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Just because you've lost your best friend doesn't mean you need to forget about him, and it surely doesn't mean you need to stay upset. When my dog passed, I kept her collar on a bookshelf in my room. It wasn't sad to look at -- in fact, I still find myself smiling when I see it there and remember the funny looks she would give me, or the way she would "vacuum" the kitchen floor after every meal. It's bittersweet, but it still gives me that warm feeling inside, you know? One way to keep your pup with you after they're gone is to keep something else with you to remember them by. Something you can wear, perhaps. In the spirit of honoring the memories of all the great dogs we've lost, here is a collection of sweet and heartening accessories.
Source: TKI Designs
1. Custom Dog Memorial Bracelet, $23, Add a little shine to your wardrobe and personalize with your dog's own moniker.
2. Wax Seal Necklace Charm, $35+, These vintage-looking charms aren't really made of wax, but they're cute, rustic, and are a subtle way to remember your pup.
3. Always In My Heart Necklace, $37, Layers are great, and this necklace has 3. The sweet note and custom engraving really allows you to make it your own.
4. Paw Print Pet Cremation Pendant, $58, Multi-colored and delightfully simple, the artist can even seal your dog's ashes inside the glass.
Source: Hattie Rex
5. Angel Wings Keychain, $28, So not really wearable, but you can keep this customizable keychain on you wherever you go.
Source: Pets-We-Love
6. 3-D Relief Memorial Pendant, $99.99+, If breed-specific jewelry isn't enough for you, use an actual photo of your dog and create a 3-D image on a chic and simple pendant.
7. Those We Love Paw Print Memorial Bracelet, On Sale $9.99, Who says people can't wear collars? Well, on your wrists. This cute bangle has the same quirky personality as your pup.
8. Heart Sound Wave Necklace, $189.99, No, this isn't a heartbeat. You can actually carry your dog's voice with you by supplying a genuine recording of his BARK!
9. Custom Paw Print Necklace, $159, Who doesn't love a paw print, especially if it's the same paw that tracked mud across your floor that one time.
10. Memorial Ash Bead, $160, This is one unique way to memorialize your dog if you choose to cremate, and you can attach the charm to anything to keep her close.
11. Tiny Dog Breed Necklace, $30, Ah, the ole dog breed necklace. Normally I'd be all "eh," but these are so minimalist and look like little sketches, so they're a-okay.
12. Hand-stamped Pet Memorial Ring, $10, Rock this clean yet creative design with the phrase "Always by my side," and your pet's name stamped on the inside.
13. I Am Complete Paw Print Ring, $24.95, It's like a tiny dog hug... for your finger.
14. Sterling Dog Silhouette Necklace, 14.99, We will always love and miss our dogs, so what better way to show it?
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14 Accessories You Can Wear To Honor Your Pup’s Memory

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