How to Make a Collar Bow Tie: By Frida

How to Make a Collar Bow Tie: By Frida

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is dressing up all spiffy in a nice new collar and snuggling up to my favorite humans. ♥ Now, we all know I’m a huge fan of costumes, (See here and here.) but there’s just something extra special about holiday attire. This year I wanted to make something a little extra special for my good friend and coworker, Scout. Scout’s a pretty dapper fella so I thought this little bow tie would be the perfect complement to Scout’s well-groomed beard. 🙂

how to make a bow tie

Step 1: For this project you only need two sheets of wrapping paper, one rectangle and one long strip.

Step 2: The first thing you need to do is fold the ends of your rectangle piece of paper in towards the middle. Be careful of paw papercuts! (I’ve had them. They hurt.)

Step 3: After you’ve folded the ends in, you can fold the opposite ends in as well. Tape these in place.

Step 4: Pinch the middle of your folded paper so that it crinkles up. You can fold the middle a bit like a fan.

Step 5: With the long strip of paper, fold the sides towards the middle lengthwise.

Step 6: Take your thin strip and wrap it around the crinkled section of your bow. Tape it into place!

Step 7: Slip it on your collar and you’re good to go!

how to make a bowtie
how to make a bowtie
Here’s what the bowtie looks like on me. I like it, but it’s not quite my style. (I’m more of a frills and lace kind of gal.)
how to make a bowtie

While it doesn’t look like it in this photo, Scout really, really appreciated the bow tie when I gave it to him. It took me a while to make it for him so by the time I presented it to him, he was completely exhausted from testing future BarkBox toys. (Bless his little heart.) I could tell in his eyes that he was appreciative though. We’re just that close. 😉