This Is The Home Your Dog Would Design (If You’d Only Let Them)

This Is The Home Your Dog Would Design (If You’d Only Let Them)

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You’re a dog. A dog with a dream. And you’ve finally saved up for that big home renovation you’ve spent most of your adult life dreaming about. You get recommendations from a furiend for a contractor who you’ve heard does magic for a reasonable price.

So you hire him.

dog roofing

This is him. As promised, he turns your home into a pup paradise, with all the amenities that will allow you to co-exist peacefully with your humans:

You tell him your humans seem to always misplace your outside gear at the most inconvenient times (smells like a conspiracy), and he sets up a dedicated space for all your fun walkies stuff.

two dog tales

You tell him that, given the option, you’d rather get baths at home than suffer the indignity of having your parts handled by the groomer (who, by the way, doesn’t seem to like you very much since that day you squirted butt juice at her — but, like, who told you to press so hard, lady?). Your contractor hooks you up with a bathroom fit for a king.

desire to decorate

You tell him you’d rather not slip down the stairs again — mostly so that those evil two-legged jokesters don’t upload another video of you onto YouTube. Ready for anything, your contractor provides a slip-free stairs option…

slip proof option

…which you’ll use only when you know they’re watching.

slip proof 2

You tell him you love Gordon Ramsay and would like to host your own Kitchen Nightmares while your people cook, but you’ll need a comfortable place from which to sit and silently judge them. This plush kitchen island bed ought to do.

gap interiors

You’d also like a little spot for your bowls so you don’t get dehydrated while yelling that the scallops are still raw in the middle. I MEAN LOOK AT THEM, THEY’RE MUSHY! FOR DOG’S SAKE!!

more kitchen dog

You tell him you’d like a Harry Potter nook so you can terrorize the children when they come down the stairs for breakfast, and he delivers.

hp nook

And every pup knows they’ve arrived once they have their own doggy pool. As always, your contractor comes through in the clutch.

dog pool

Welcome home, Dog.

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