These Sweet Illustrations Show The Everyday Magic Of Being A Dog Dad

These Sweet Illustrations Show The Everyday Magic Of Being A Dog Dad

There’s no denying it: there’s just something special about being a dog dad.

In the spirit of Father’s Day, we teamed up again with our friend, illustrator Natalie Marion, to explore the silly, sweet, simple world of The Dog Dad.

1. This is how they wake up.
It takes several snoozes, a slew of sloppy smooches, and sometimes, a shoe. But eventually, dog dads will get up and start their day.
1_Morning_Snooze_BarkPost_Natalie_Marion use

2. This is how they poop.
Unlike waking up, this usually goes pretty smoothly.
2_Morning_Poops_BarkPost_Natalie_Marion use

3. This is how they do their chores.
Many hands and paws make light work. But also good thing this guy’s got a dishwasher.
3_Daily_Chores_BarkPost_Natalie_Marion use

4. This is what it looks like when the zoomies take over.
This happens several times during the day, but we’re just going to show it once. Enjoy.
4_Zoomies_BarkPost_Natalie_Marion use

5. This is how they work from home.
As long as there’s a laptop within arm’s reach, it’s technically still work.
5_Working_From_Home_BarkPost_Natalie_Marion use

6. This is how they answer emails.
What? Those emails aren’t going anywhere.
6_Answering_Important_Emails_BarkPost_Natalie_Marion use

7. This is how they create and then cancel plans.
It feels good to make plans. It feels even better to cancel them.
7_Making_Breaking_BarkPost_Natalie_Marion use

8. This is how they (try to) flirt.
Sometimes father doesn’t know best. But he’ll learn one day. Maybe.
8_Dog_Park_BarkPost_Natalie_Marion use

9. This is how they “watch” the big game.
Eh, whatever. SportsCenter will have highlights literally all day tomorrow.
9_Big_Game_BarkPost_Natalie_Marion use

10. This is how they go to bed.
It’s been a long day. And a really good one.
10_Evening_Snooze_BarkPost_Natalie_Marion use

Featured image via Natalie Marion for BarkPost