Pups and Their January BarkBoxes

Pups and Their January BarkBoxes

As the February boxes make their way to the paws of our four-legged customers, it is time to reveal the contents of the January BarkBoxes. What better way to show the contents of each month’s box than by featuring the pups themselves? From the anticipation to octopus destruction, January was a good month. PS– Greatest photo in the history of BarkBox photos at the bottom. 😉

The wait…

The arrival…




The unboxing!



















…And some Elton the Octopuses went to the Great Beyond of pup toys. #SuperChewerBadge

january barkbox gifts for dogs

Chance— and BRAINS!


And some cats were totes jelly.


And perhaps the greatest photo in the history of BarkBox…

“She is making sure no one is going to take her new toy away!” From Sandy Angers

See you next month, pup loves! (Challenge: Snap a photo more hilarious than the last photo. #challengeaccepted)