21 Perfect Holiday Gifts For The Kid Who Wants A Pup-Themed Bedroom

21 Perfect Holiday Gifts For The Kid Who Wants A Pup-Themed Bedroom

Need to find the perfect gift for a dog-obsessed kid this season? What could be better than lavishing the lucky youngster with fabulous, high quality swag that transforms their bedroom into the ultimate pup palace? If you’ve got a little one, these products will make them actually want to go to bed and if you’re shopping for a pre-teen, they never really come out of their rooms anyway, so you can’t lose!

1. Dog Print Pillow$33.06

This adorable and chic pillow features a variety of breeds including pink Poodles, turquoise Malteses, Collies, Boxers, and more. It looks fabulous and will add a splash of color to any dog-lover’s decor!

Dog Pillow

2. Custom Embroidered Dog Portrait$38

When you purchase this item, you’ll receive a custom pup portrait with your dog’s name hand embroidered at the top. It’ll make a really special gift for any youngster who has a special spot in their heart for their furry pals.

Dog Portrait Decor

3. Doxie Wall Art$22

Calling all tykes with Doxies in their households! This playful Sausage Dog print will make any kid smile. The print comes in a variety of colors.

Doxie Print

4. Dog Puzzle$24.99

This puppy puzzle can be ordered in any color to match the special pooch in your family. It doubles as a fun game and lovely decor for a dog-loving little one.

Dog Puzzle

5. Meow/Woof Mobile$62.99

Babies don’t discriminate when it comes to their love of all critters fluffy and cute — and it doesn’t get much more adorable than this Meow/Woof Mobile that pairs dogs and cats for doubly happy dreaming.

Dog Cat Mobile

6. Stuffed Plush Pup$15

This handmade dog toy’s name is Huggy and it’s easy to see why. Huggy is soft, cuddly, and stuffed with non-allergenic material. He will be a darling addition to a mutt-loving kid’s collection of stuffies.

Dog Stuffed Toy

7. Canvas Dog Teepee, $88-$195

Perfect for slumber parties with your pooch and make-believe canine campouts, this canvas teepee will have them singing “Home On The Range” in no time!


8. Frenchie Girl Wall Art$59

This Frenchie ballerina is a great way to add color and style to a little one’s bedroom, playroom, or even bathroom.


9. Dog Knit Doll$44

These charming dolls are hand-knitted in fun colors and have endearing design details. This pup is bound to bring a smile to the face of any kid who loves dogs!


10. Personalized Wooden Dog Toy$32

This pull-along Doxie will provide entertainment for your little one and still look sweet in their room once they’re done playing!

dog toy

11. Dog Tail Hooks$2.99

These dog tail hooks are a no-brainer. Both cute and useful, they’re not just for leashes. You can use them as cool and colorful coat-hooks as well!

dog tail hooks

12. Dog Alphabet Art$13

The perfect alphabet nursery art for any little pup lover!

dog alphabet

13. Raining Dogs Bath Mat$22.29

Stepping onto this puppy mat after a warm bath sounds like happiness to me!

dog rug

14. Chevron Dog Prints$48

These furry friends will make the coolest and cutest addition to the walls of any little one who can’t get enough pups!

Dog prints

15. Dog Clock$16.90

It’ll always puppy o’ clock with this cutie watching over you!

Dog clock

16. Reclaimed Wood Dog Sculpture, $59.99

For the child who prefers a rustic look, this Labrador sculpture is just the thing. Each piece is completely unique.


17. Doggy Dudes Indoor/Outdoor Mats, $39.99

If your kid and his furry best friend love the surf life or camping in the great outdoors, these rugs are just the thing! One by the foot of the bed for collecting muddy sneakers will make Moms happy, too.

dog rug

18. Dog Night Light$11.00

If your little one is embarrassed about being afraid of the dark, you can always just tell him the nightlight is for the dog!

dog night light

19. Fathead Dog Wall Decals$69.99

Peel ’em off and stick ’em anywhere! Now your child can truly make their room their own!


20. Puppy Love Flannel Bedding$24.00 – $98.00

Cozy, colorful and oh so cute! Kids will love snuggling into this snazzy bedding, especially if their bunk mate is a Dachshund!

puppy love

21. Chase Your Dreams Window Panels$28.99

No more monsters outside the window! The whimsical, playful pups on these adorable curtains will protect your child from scary thoughts and encourage sweet dreams. Pattern also available in a full bedding set.


Featured Image via Vandan Desai/Flickr