A Day In The Lavish Life Of Lady Batpig Gaga

A Day In The Lavish Life Of Lady Batpig Gaga

Paws up! Lady Gaga became a proud pet parent in April of 2014, and ever since, the Gaga social media stream has been a-flutter with images and commentary featuring Asia, a pint-sized black and white French bulldog affectionately nicknamed BATPIG. This little monster takes after her momma in talent and style, and no expense is spared in her superstar upbringing. So come step inside the world of Lady Gaga spawn. She’s on the right track, baby, Asia was born this way.

Morning, Monsters! We arise when we feel like it.

Then we bathe.

Followed by a one hour mandatory study of our fur-plexions in the mirror.

A healthy breakfast is a must. Tour life ain’t easy.

Getting dressed is always a production, as I’m sure you can imagine with a mom like mine.

I mean, the outfit possibilities are endless.

We play dress up so much, sometimes we have to take a break.

One accessory is never enough.

Too much?

Mom settles on her look for the day. Ahem, wonder where she got her inspiration?

Finally we’re out the door, making calls, taking names, handling our bizness.

A motha-puppa’ could get used to this.

We practice our p-p-p-poker faces. Mom says this will pay off.

She’s right. Woof I look good.

We always find time for exercise. Doggy paddle is my jam.

Time for my afternoon snack. What? I’m a DOG!

Then we get to WERK #backstagelife

Acknowledging the papa-papa-paparazzi has become a way of life.

We are in-demand for appearances at fancy shmancy events.

I bring my pup-tastic posse.

Things get cray…

And I end up in the dog-penthouse.

But mom can’t stay mad at me.

Look at this face!

So we’re back at it, living this Gypsy Life!

All images via Lady Gaga.

And check out the Gagapedia page devoted to Asia (yes, this is a thing).