13 Last-Minute Gift Ideas That Will Totally Save Your Butt This Valentine’s Day

13 Last-Minute Gift Ideas That Will Totally Save Your Butt This Valentine’s Day

We’ve all been there. Holidays can sneak up on you. Whether you’re slammed at work or just have a lot in your bowl, try as you might to keep on top of everything, sometimes these things can slip through the cracks.

Never fear, BarkPost is here with 13 last minute gift ideas sure to delight the light of your life!

1. A Dog Bouquet You Made Yourself!

This thoughtful project will definitely brighten your dog-loving lover’s day! And trust me, it’s way less complicated than it looks. Just follow these simple steps to Valentine’s Day glory. You got this.


2. Papier Mache Dog

Here’s a DIY you that probably won’t even require you to slip out of those sweatpants, it’s highly likely you’ve got this stuff lying around somewhere. Channel your inner kindergartener and show your sweetie your creative side with an awesome papier mache sculpture.

diy paper mache dog tutorial

3. Big Top Balloon Dog

Finally! A balloon dog that doesn’t require a conversation with a carnie. And one that will look super stylish perched on your love’s shelf.


4. Walk Your Dog Coupon Booklet

This one doesn’t cost you anything and will be sure to put a smile on your Valentine’s face. Who doesn’t love a helping paw when it comes to taking your pup out to poop?


5. Year’s Supply Of Poop Bags

Once those coupons expire, or for those days when you’re not around, make sure your babe is fully stocked with bags for their pup’s seemingly endless BMs.


6. Reclaimed Wood Dog Silhouette

Add a touch of rustic charm to your Valentine’s decor with an adorable reclaimed wooden dog cutout. If you have a scroll saw and like to work with your hands, you could make one yourself with a wood pallet by following these tips. Or you can save yourself some blood, sweat, and tears by purchasing one from The Reclaimed Life.

reclaimed wood dog silhouette profile

7. DIY Preppy Dog Collar

It’s time for Barks & Crafts 101. This project couldn’t be any easier so, regardless of your crafting abilities, no excuses! All you need is an old shirt you don’t wear anymore and a pair of scissors.

diy dog collar

8. Mad Dog Bulldog Flask

I’m not going to straight up recommend you sneak a little hooch into your next movie date, but if you happen to fill this handsome flask with the libation of your liking… and then you happen to forget said libation is in your purse… let’s just say it’ll make any movie a little more fun for both you and your S.O.

barkshop mad dog flask

9. Dip-Dyed Ombre Dog Leash

Here’s another gift you could either make yourself or buy (time permitting!). Rope leashes are very popular right now but the price points tend to be a little on the expensive side. With very little time and effort, you could make a whole litter of these for all of the pup lovers in your life! Don’t know where to start? Dog Milk makes a super helpful kit.

rope leash ombre

10. Puppy Spa Day

Whether you whip out your bubble bath and make with the rub-a-dub-dubbing yourself or gift your Valentine a gift certificate to the groomer, getting their dog so fresh and so clean is sure to score you some major points!


11. Portraits Of Their Pup

Nothing tugs at the heartstrings of a pup parent more than seeing the face of their furbaby immortalized on film. Take their dog out for a walk somewhere beautiful, snap some photos, and don’t forget to present it all in a beautiful frame — or compile all of your best shots into a calendar or photo collage!

dog running field flowers

12. Conversation Heart Dog Treats

It’s official. It’s been a journey, but the search for the world’s cutest dog treats is over. Win over any motherpupper’s heart by donning your apron and embracing the [Julia] Child that lives in all of us.

conversation hearts

13. Monthly Subscription to BarkBox

So you forgot all about Valentine’s Day. It’s okay, don’t panic. They don’t even have to know, there’s still plenty of time to pimp out their pup’s life with a curated monthly supply of treats, toys, and other fabulous themed goodies with BarkBox!

ziggy barkbox

Now, go forth and delight the dog-lover that you adore. May the farts be with you!

Featured Image (Dog) via John Garghan / Flickr