19 Drool-Worthy Items For The Dog Lover Who’s Not Afraid To Flaunt It

19 Drool-Worthy Items For The Dog Lover Who’s Not Afraid To Flaunt It

There’s no better way to show off your love for your fluffy BFF than through your own style. We’ve put together the ultimate guide for dog mamas whose bark is a little louder than most. These pooch-inspired digs are designed for the proudest pup parents in the park, and who aren’t afraid to stand out from the pack.

1. Shoodles$74

Give yourself a reason to smile every time you look down because, dogs. These doodle-printed kicks are crazy comfortable and were exclusively designed for Bark & Co.



2. BarkTats$6

Despite what your mom says, you will never regret a BarkTat! Show the world how much you ruv your dawg with these pawesome temporary tattoos.

barktat barkshop


3. In Dog We Trust Tote$22

You have to lug your dog’s things wherever your travels take you anyway, so you might as well do it with some style and sass!

in dog we trust tote barkshop


4. Custom Dog Vans$130

Wow your bestie, your mom, your girlfriend, or yourself with a pair of customized kicks with hand-painted images of your favorite pups—the artist paints to order, and no two are alike!

Vans Shoes


5. Verameat Dachshund Babe Ring (in silver only) $60

Any mama who belongs to the Wiener Dog Crew needs this ring in her life. Verameat creates the raddest pup-themed baubles in the game. Your doggie style will always be on point when rocking this statement piece. This ring comes in a bunch of sizes so it’s sure to fit every paw.

dachshund babe ring barkshop


6. Dogs Before Dudes Sweatshirt$48

Obvi! Your dog will never blow you off for another girl AND he gives you kisses and snuggles on command. He’ll be the most loyal, trustworthy, funny, good-looking partner in crime you’ll ever have. What else could you ask for? Dogs before dudes, always! Woooooooooof ya!

Dogs Before Dudes


7. Pugs Not Drugs Patch$2.66

For all the pups living that Pug lyfe out there. This killer iron-on Pugs Not Drugs patch is pawfect for customizing your favorite apparel. These high-quality embroidered patches can be ironed on to most types of non-stretch fabric. Totally suitable for adding to a vintage denim jacket! Or, if you’ve got a leather jacket that needs more of a biker feel or a canvas tote bag that you think needs that extra Pug touch, this will do the trick.

Pugs Not Drugs


8. Tiny Frenchie Studs$48

These Bulldog earrings will add just the right amount of flair to any crazy dog lady’s daily ensemble. Pair these with the Dogs Before Dudes Sweatshirt to really take it to that next level of mod dog chic.

frenchie studs


9. I Work Hard Tank$26

No use hiding the truth! We’re the ladies who bust our buns to get those all-natural dog treats, adorable winter dog coats, and the best toys money can buy.

i work hard tee


10. Dog Hair Tee$35

The reality of life as a dog parent made cute with this flowy tee by The Tree Kisser. 10% of all sales are donated to the Love Infinitely Project Animal Fund and then allocated to reputable animal rescue or advocacy organizations.

dog hair tee


11. Pet All The Dogs Tote$22

Any canine lover can relate to wanting to pet ALL the dogs. Once you’ve gone over to the Bark Side, you never go back. Show your love of all things dog with this sturdy BarkShop exclusive tote.

pet all the dogs tote


12. Breeds: A Canine Compendium Book, $17

Keep it on your coffee table to entertain the guests who don’t know a Vizsla from a Labrador; the silly descriptions and illustrations are great for busting boredom and starting conversations.

breeds book barkshop


13. Dog Breed Bag$38.90

There’s no hiding your pup-session with this ridiculously cute Boston Terrier tote. Take any outfit to another level when you pair it with this loud and proud squishy face, or with other breeds like the Corgi, Pomeranian, and Schnauzer.

boston terrier bag


14. Long Hair Don’t Care Crop Top$32

Like the Doxie, we can strut our stuff with attitude whenever we please, and why not show it with this cute crop top? The boxy fit is loose and flowy, perfect for the hot summer weather.

long hair dont care shirt


15. Pug Life Dog Socks$20

Silly, yet chic. Chillax with these wrinkle-faced socks, they’re sure to give anyone a smile!

pug life dog socks barkshop


16. Golden Doodle Goods Dog Breed Tee$27

Golden Doodle has a t-shirt for tons of breeds (and are always adding more) so you can flaunt your puppy love in simple, chic style. Check out all the gorgeous designs they have to offer!

vizsla t shirt


17. Silver Greyhound Ring$55

For those fascinated by the Greyhound’s impossible speed and grace, you can have one running forever around your finger. With the hand burnished finish, this piece has a beautiful antique look to it.

greyhound ring


18. Weens Not War Koozie$5

We’ll cheers to that! Wieners warm Doxie-lovers’ hearts around the world every day with their quirky personalities and unconditional friendship. Keep your bevs chill and spread this great message of pup love.

Bean Goods


19. Pocket Pittie T-Shirt, $26

It’s a sad, sad truth that our favorite Pitties won’t fit in our bags—but they can fit in your pocket. Symbolically, of course.

pocket pittie t shirt

Looking for even more crazy dog lady appeal? Sniff on over to the BarkShop to view our entire collection made for the humans!