Whimsical Watercolor Pet Portraits Turn Your Pup Into A Work Of Art

Whimsical Watercolor Pet Portraits Turn Your Pup Into A Work Of Art

Louise Jewell is an illustrator based in Worcestershire (yes, like the sauce), U.K. and if you were unfamiliar with her work prior to now, you’re welcome. Louise is creating some the cutest pup portraits on the market, and she’s only just getting started!


Worcestershire is a rural, picturesque setting perfect for inspiring the mind and talents of a fanciful artist like Louise. Growing up in a very creative family, she felt fortunate to be surrounded by loved ones who were supportive of her passions for art and design.


Merely a year ago, however, Louise was living a very different life. Although she is originally from the U.K., she spent six years in Hong Kong working as a knitwear designer. Before that, she went to school for fashion and did a design internship in New York City. After all of that globetrotting, Louise has settled down (for now) back in her homeland and has launched a new career as a freelance illustrator.


A long-time lover of animals, Louise has two dogs of her own: a five-year-old Black Lab named Mario and a four-year-old scruffy Jack Russell named Moose. Oh look, here’s Moose now!

moose 2

And here he is in adorable pup portrait form:


Louise says that much of the inspiration for her work comes from what can only be described as a creative ritual: every morning she and the dogs hit the trail. Sharing a mutual love of nature, the trio go on a nice, long walk for one or two hours at the start of each day. Louise takes this time to absorb her surroundings and plan out her work for the day. She draws inspiration for her paintings from all aspects of the environment and the sky. If she and the dogs didn’t do this, Louise says, “there would be a total creative block.”


When it comes to her tools, Louise works exclusively with watercolor because her “ideas flow with watercolor”. For anyone familiar with different paint mediums, this only makes Louise’s work that much more impressive. Watercolors tend to blend of their own accord and can be difficult to control, making her teeny tiny brushstrokes detailing each piece of fur incredibly painstaking to achieve.


Although her talents definitely extend beyond the realm of pet portraiture, we can’t help but imagine commissioning an illustrated ode to all of the V.I.P. (Very Important Pups) in our lives.

To immortalize your pup in paint, or to browse Louise’s complete collection, visit her Etsy shop here!


Featured Image via Louise Jewell / Etsy