Here Is How A Stray Dog Sees The World

Here Is How A Stray Dog Sees The World

**Disclaimer: Sensitive souls might find it hard to get through the video without buckets of tears.**

As a dog lover and an animal lover, I’ve often caught myself wondering about those animals that haven’t had the chance to know or feel the kind of love my fluffbutt is used too. But seeing it literally from the dog’s perspective is seriously heartbreaking.

Mumbai-based animal welfare organization, World For All, strapped a camera on a stray pup and captured the most gut-wrenching footage of what it’s like to be a homeless dog on the streets of Mumbai. This is the most powerful message one can receive to rescue a dog!

Note that accompanied the YouTube video: No dogs were hurt in the making of this video. This video has been put together purely with video editing. The scenes only depict the various challenges a street dog faces everyday in India. This video is meant to sensitize and change their current situation to a better one.

Visit World For All, if you’d like to help make a difference in some way, however small.

Featured image via Ciarán Ryan